The Crown Delights

Series four of the spectacular series The Crown hit Netflix on Sunday and it’s wonderful! For non- Crown groupies, the series charts the course of the British Royal family with dramatic licence but based on a true story. We’re in the early Diana, soon to be Princess of Wales period…

20 November 2020 | Arts

At 71 He’s At Number 1…… Again!

For many of us the pandemic meant a new dress code.. Flannelette in winter, cotton in summer..Pj’s of course. Then there were the openings… ‘fridg door mainly and the ” esoteric” hairstyles..long and longer. But some creative people actually created amazing music, painting, writing. Bruce Springsteen looks like he spent…

16 November 2020 | Arts


Do you like a good thriller  for entertainment? I really like well written who – dun – it with a clever plot, well formed and intriguing characters and an outcome that you cannot predict. It’s a curious form of entertainment where goosebumps, flinching at knives being drawn and mild hyperventilation…

4 September 2020 | Arts

Social Realism at It’s Best……. This is England

One of the things I most love about travelling to the UK is watching television! That’s right. Skip the Tower of London, turn right at Madam Tussauds, do a wide arc on Buck Palace and instead watch British TV! I always seem to find high quality drama series running what…

21 August 2020 | Arts

Concerts from the Sofa

A rainy Sunday and a random exploration of Netflix concert films. I discover Bob Dylan’s The Rolling Thunder Review directed by Martin Scorsese  and the Rolling Stones Shine The Light also directed by Martin Scorsese. What a great afternoon! While concerts are no – go zones in our new world…

14 August 2020 | Arts

Nick Cave Alone at The Alexandra Palace

The energy and communion of a live concert has been one of life’s pleasures. The buzz and bustle of the gathering to enter the arena. The anticipation and excitement of what will unfold. The hideously uncomfortable seats and mediocre wine in plastic tumblers. The new instant friendships with those sitting…

24 July 2020 | Arts

Phosphorescence by Julia Baird: A timely & beautiful book

It’s called ” A luminous book full of grace” and “Glinting with insights, a boundlessly generous book.” And yes, its a beauty! It’s the sort of book where you ration its reading because you don’t want it to end. Julia Baird writes ” How do we continue to glow when…

29 June 2020 | Arts

Two Artists & The Parisian Avant Garde

When art galleries reopened I was 2nd in line at a safe, 1.5 meters of social distancing queue. I went to the Bendigo Art Gallery, a fine gold-era building in one of Victoria’s regional cities. It punches above its weight in attracting world class exhibitions. Because of inspired arts leadership,…

25 June 2020 | Arts

Mother Father Son……”Completely Cuckoo, Utterly Irresistible”

I’ve been bingeing a lot lately and reading books about self -acceptance and suspending self -judgement. Paradoxical you think. Well no. My TV drama marathons until the early hours of the morning may leave me bleary eyed and discombobulated the next day but that’s where NO  Self- Judgement takes over….

25 June 2020 | Arts