Maestro- The Life, Loves and Music of Leonard Bernstein

One of the joys of summer holidays is doing a catch-up of all the films and content available on streaming services. Nothing like escaping the heat, choc-top in hand and being transported to another world for two hours. Let’s side-step. Do you know about Leonard Bernstein? He featured prominently in…

8 January 2024 | Arts

The House of Gucci Shines

The perfect film for the holiday season has just hit the big screen.  House of Gucci directed by Ridley Scott is delightful, beautiful to look at and with a story that is gently intriguing. It’s a film that demands little emotional  energy from the viewer. Just sit back, relax and…

2 January 2022 | Arts

These Are a Few of My Favourite…………….books, programs and distractions in 2021

Ok….. Some questions for you…… What are the books you read this year that you enjoyed? What are the memorable TV programs, films or streamed programming?  What music/ podcasts/ courses did you enjoy in 2021 Summer is my favourite time to catch up on ” distractions.” As the mid-day heat…

15 December 2021 | Arts

Linda McCartney Retrospective: Photo Exhibition

I do like a great photo! Cartier- Bresson, Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Annie Liebowitz, Diane Arbus….wonderful! Art exhibitions have been severely affected by the restrictions of this Covid year but in the midst of the chaos, Ballarat Art Gallery in regional Victoria managed to open its doors to…

19 November 2021 | Arts

James Bond Takes A Final Bow

No Time to Die is the latest film in the James Bond franchise. This one featuring Daniel Craig. He’s been looking particularly smiley in media interviews for this film..charming rather than surly…it must be because after 15 years of making Bond Films he can finally wave goodbye to this role….

14 November 2021 | Arts

What Does Australia Really Think About Older People? An SBS Exploration

SBS television  recently commissioned surveys to ask more than 2,000 Australians about their views on people with disabilities, older people and overweight people and in a series of three programs attitudes to each group are explored. Hidden cameras, interviews and research findings provide insight into Australian attitudes. Last night the…

26 August 2021 | Arts

Lost Connections: Why You’re Depressed and How to Find Hope (A Book Review)

If you’ve been clinically depressed you’ll know the force of this debilitating illness and its impact on you and those around you. Thankfully I have been well for many years now but I’m hyper – vigilant during times like the Covid crisis and I’ve learned how to manage my health…

2 July 2021 | Arts | Living Well

Wise Words & Wonderful Images

Let me share with you some of the wise words and lovely images I came across in the last few weeks.  May they keep you focussed on why it’s important even in times of lock-downs and disconnections, to live fully and well as the years fly past…… This man has…

2 July 2021 | Arts

Streaming Delights: What To Watch On a Rainy Day

Lockdowns, winter colds and rainy Sunday afternoons are great times to catch up on what’s showing on streaming services. For winter I’ve extended my subscriptions to Netflix, Stan, Binge and Apple+ TV which gives me a huge range of outstanding content. I tried Brit Box but saw nothing but oldie…

8 June 2021 | Arts