50 Faces 50 Lives

50 Faces 50 Lives: Dr Potts of Gold

A guiding principle of The Good Life is to have purpose, live fully and make each day count. Viva 70 was created to shine a spotlight on this idea for people over 50 and heading into their years of Elderhood. But what if you approach your later years living with…

17 June 2020 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Dewa Putra: 50 Faces 50 Lives

I’m in Bali and I’ve found the person who will be my driver for my 2 week stay. The first trip is to a local shopping mall. As he skillfully navigates the insane traffic with an air of quiet and calm he is warm and friendly without being too familiar….

17 February 2020 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Geraldine Ryan: 50 Faces 50 Lives

As many Viva 70 readers will know my mind has been rattling around the idea of how to do something useful in the area of climate activism when the last time I was politically active was in 1970’s around the Vietnam War! So apart from becoming a more diligent recycler,…

20 January 2020 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Terry Williams: 50 Faces 50 Lives

I’m winding along country roads to find the home of Terry and Jill Williams. Cows grazing, rolling hills, a tiny old brick church, now a private home. Google tells me to keep going. So I do. Driving past rural properties with their never to be understood exotic numbering system. House…

11 December 2019 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Graeme Leith: 50 Faces 50 Lives

Six Degrees of Separation. I met Graeme Leith some months ago. Friends gathered to have lunch with him at the winery he established. Passing Clouds. It was a pleasant lunch overlooking the neatly planted rows of vines. He’s written a book about his life of winemaking and he generously gave…

5 December 2019 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Kate Redwood: 50 Faces 50 Lives

Let me tell you a simple story that I think sums up a very special woman, Kate Redwood. I’m sitting at her kitchen table concluding the interview for this 50 Faces 50 Lives article. The “Interview” has evolved into a warm chat among two new friends as we share our…

22 November 2019 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Petrus Spronk: 50 Faces 50 Lives

In the series 50 Faces 50 Lives I interview men and woman who have shaped a joyful, meaningful life in their later years. When I started this project 10 interviews ago I thought it would be fun and a way of meeting some interesting people. It is so much more….

12 November 2019 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

An 80th Birthday Speech…………. by Petrus Spronk

Recently I interviewed the artist, writer and  a wonderful human being, Petrus Spronk. The Dutch born Australian celebrated his 80th birthday with a gathering of 150 friends and family at a local music venue and bar here in the town where nearly everyone knows him. Petrus gave a speech to…

12 November 2019 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Di Percy: 50 Faces 50 Lives

It’s a glorious spring day and after a quick garden tour Di and I settle into cups of tea on the back terrace, overlooking the valley. Our paths have crossed for many years and already I know that our conversation will be a rich and enjoyable one. In seeking out…

6 November 2019 | 50 Faces 50 Lives