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20 Ways to Make Money in Retirement!

8 April 2019 | Living Well

Isn’t it ironic that when we retire we have the time, but not the money to travel and play? Or at least we are more money conscious. “Money is not the only answer but it makes a difference.” Barack Obama

There are many ways to travel cheaply- house sitting, hostels, couch surfing with friends and travelling in the off season, working farm holidays and travelling to countries where the cost of living is low. But what about the other side of the equation? How can you make money without returning to full time work…and have some fun!

As a starting point think about these things

  • Start with what you like doing – what do you enjoy?
  • What skills do you have?
  • Estimate how much time in your week you have available.
  • Think about the impact extra income may have on your entitlements ( if any)
  • Can you work set hours or do you need flexible hours? e.g. if you have carer responsibilities
  • Is this an ongoing need for more income or a once off, pay for a trip type of need for money?
  • Who can help you? What resources are available in the community/
  • Are start-up/ ongoing costs involve or ongoing costs? E.g. equipment, consumables such as paper and toner or travel costs

Here are 20 ideas that may work for you……

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Linda McCartney Retrospective: Photo Exhibition

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James Bond Takes A Final Bow

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Bosco Verticale: A High- Rise City Forest Development

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Travellers Tales: Perugia, Italy

Qantas just sent me an email to say that if I can provide evidence of my double Covid vaccination they would give me 1,000 frequent flyer points! Yoo Hoo! Along with the 50 points I already have I cannot actually fly anywhere, but I’m on my way…soon! Oh and no…

26 August 2021 | Life-Style

Living Well

This Christmas I wish you………

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A Quiz: Living A Covid Normal Life

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