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50 Faces 50 Lives: Maureen Moffatt

30 September 2020 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

Over a year ago, I began the joyful task of collecting stories of  people in their 60’s and beyond. I wanted to discover how different people made sense of ageing and how their early life experiences shaped their lives as elders. I call this collection of stories 50 Faces 50 Lives. The intention is to learn how to age well from your shared experience. Even though our stories are very different…what are the common threads that resonate with the experience of older people living life fully?

Last year I met with many wonderful people and over a cuppa in various locations. There was the wonderful artist Petrus Spronk and conversations at the kitchen table in his forest home. The musician, Maggie Jackson told of us growing up in a large catholic family and a home full of music. Over a glass of wine with views over acres of vineyard. I met with Graeme Leith. owner of Passing Clouds winery and heard the story of his labour of love in creating this winery. I met Di Percy, the amazing woman who has recently finished writing a book about grief. It’s with the publisher at this time. And in Indonesia I had an extraordinary conversation about ageing with Dewa Putra. From Dewa I learned that concepts of ageing are deeply rooted in the cultural setting of life and this opened a vast space in my thinking beyond the mantra of ageing – eat well, exercise, have purpose. I need to explore diverse cultures to broaden concepts of ageing. You can read all these stories in the 50 Faces 50 Lives section of this mag.

The stories slowed this year because of the Corona virus but hopefully, soon I will again meet more amazing people and complete the book 50 Faces 50 Lives.

Against this backdrop, it was very special this week to receive the gift of Maureen Moffatt’s story. You may remember her wonderful diary of a Tuscan foodie adventure, published here last year.  Our Canadian Viva70 creative friends, Inge and Maureen sent through this wonderful story. I’ve never met Maureen but through her words I know the spirit of this warm, vital and lovely woman. One sentence in particular in her story is telling….

“When I started I wasn’t sure what it was about, I only knew I had to do it.” I think in this one sentence Maureen has captured an essential lesson for a good life!

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50 Faces 50 Lives

50 Faces 50 Lives: Maureen Moffatt

Over a year ago, I began the joyful task of collecting stories of  people in their 60’s and beyond. I wanted to discover how different people made sense of ageing and how their early life experiences shaped their lives as elders. I call this collection of stories 50 Faces 50…

30 September 2020 | 50 Faces 50 Lives

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