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…And I Love Her…… by Al & Linda Straub

11 August 2019 | Living Well

This week we’re strolling down memory lane to find the articles that have been most popular among Viva70 readers over the last 2 years. With a recent Valentine’s day romance is in the air and we all enjoy a love story.  Al and Linda’s story has been a firm favourite. A heart-warming story of love and serendipity…enjoy….

The Beatles are synonymous with the “Swinging Sixties” but their iconic reach extended far beyond the realms of music and fashion.  They didn’t span the decade; they defined it.  A pop sensation became a total cultural phenomenon.

And so it was during this time that young blossoming love sprouted everywhere.  Our lives were inexplicably changed, seemingly overnight. And the happy, fun music of love from the Beatles was an explosive inspiration!

 All My Loving…

I first set sight of her around the spring of 1967. “Love Me Do….”

It was on the 7th floor staff cafeteria of the department store, Myer Melbourne, where I, along with all my workmates from the Boyswear Dept,  routinely gorged ourselves with pies and gravy-drenched mashed potatoes-‘n-peas each lunchtime.  Then one day the lift doors crashed open and among the massed throng of hungry staffers, out stepped this breath taking  vision of loveliness ….” I Saw Her Standing There….”    I was instantly dumbstruck, gobsmacked, deliriously besotted and madly in love, as she sauntered to join the lunchtime queue. “….Got To Get You Into My Life….”

I just couldn’t take my eyes off her.  This diminutive and  petite package of beautiful brunette from the ground floor cosmetic department so impacted me this day that I knew I’d had to see more of her.  So each day I timed that our lunch hours would coincide, and I’d always linger in the queue over the smorgasbord of delicacies at the buffet.  In the hope of catching her eye I’d start up a conversation about whether the mash would be better than the chips!  And what about custard over the apple crumble?  “….I Wanna Be Your Man….”    “….I Wanna Hold Your Hand….”    “….I Need You….”  “….Honey Pie….”                

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