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Why you need seven types of rest

27 October 2020 | Living Well

Another sensational article from Julia Richards, our dear friend who runs a herbal medicine practice  in Yorkshire. Thank you Julia…..Great article and a quiz to take as well! It’s a really good reminder that rest is more than sleep.

Why you need seven types of rest

With the ups and downs of lockdowns and local restrictions you might have found yourself getting back into the full swing of things after a period of living and working at a slower pace or retreating back into life at home with all the stresses  and strains that living on top of each other or alone can entail.   Whichever way, this may have been taking a toll on your physical, mental and emotional health.  Which leads me to ask, when you do get the opportunity, are you resting effectively? 

Did you know that Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith has identified seven different types of rest required to really feel restored?  She argues that we need to do something in all seven areas to rest well.  Viva70 is all about living a good life at any age and in order to do this you need energy, stamina and resilience.   Learning to rest well will help you obtain and maintain these qualities.

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Petrus Spronk: 50 Faces 50 Lives

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The House of Gucci Shines

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2 January 2022 | Arts

These Are a Few of My Favourite…………….books, programs and distractions in 2021

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Linda McCartney Retrospective: Photo Exhibition

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19 November 2021 | Arts


Over the Sea to Skye…..

” Perch where the wind comes at you full-force. Let it blow you apart till your feathers fly and you look like hell. Then abandon yourself. The wind is not your enemy, Nothing in life is. Go where the wind takes you- backwards- higher, lower. The wind to carry you…

9 June 2022 | Life-Style

Gordon Ramsay Rocks!

Let me set the scene. Lesley and I returned from a L_O_N_G  5 – day trip through the Scottish Highlands late last night. The days started early and the schedule was strenuous, so we agreed to have a couple of days to ourselves before leaving for Inverness. And it’s raining…..

17 May 2022 | Life-Style

Wandering in Yorkshire

” What will my ventures entail, as I begin on this unknown trail, even through the rain and clouds, nature’s beauty still shines proud. The vivid greens and ice-cold streams is what true beauty means.”  (The Yorkshire Dales by Gemma Alexander) My obsession with TV programs like All Creatures Great…

6 May 2022 | Life-Style

Living Well

Fear of Travel and How to Travel with Fear

On the day Qantas re-opened International flights after 2 years of Covid, I faced a major dilemma. My shower kept blocking up. I could fix it with one of those rubber suction squashy things, but I knew that I should probably call the plumber. Then there’s the dodgy drain-pipe that…

7 June 2022 | Living Well

Successful Weight Loss and Fitness: A conversation over coffee with Maggie Townshend

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? A Forbes magazine article from 2019 reports that after one week 25% of people have given up their resolutions and after 6 months only 46% of people are keeping their resolutions. And guess what?……. 80% of new year resolutions were about losing weight…

3 February 2022 | Living Well

This Christmas I wish you………

Dear Viva70 Readers It’s been nearly 3 years since a glimmer in my eye and a half – baked idea about a magazine for the over 50’s bounced into my consciousness. ” What if…..?” are two of the most powerful words in our language.  When imagination and passion meet, they…

15 December 2021 | Living Well