These Are a Few of My Favourite…………….books, programs and distractions in 2021

Ok….. Some questions for you……

  • What are the books you read this year that you enjoyed?
  • What are the memorable TV programs, films or streamed programming?
  •  What music/ podcasts/ courses did you enjoy in 2021

Summer is my favourite time to catch up on ” distractions.” As the mid-day heat descends I’m happy to curl up with a good book or soak in great films until it’s cool enough to return to gardening or walking outdoors.

Time to share everyone! Drop your favourite distractions in the comments box below and let’s get happily distracted!


James Rebanks The Shepherd’s Life: A Tale of the Lake District  A curiously charming, engaging book about keeping sheep in one of the most beautiful areas of England! Totally engaging.

Rick Morton My Year of Living Vulnerably   A beautiful, honest account of opening yourself to love and healing and lots of side stories thrown in.

Christos Tsiolkas  7 1/2  Seven and a half is another gasp worthy book by Tsiolkas, one of my favourite authors. It’s about a writer and his art Autobiographical?

David Gillespie Brain Reset… a fabulous book about the brain’s ability to restore mental calm

Michael A. Singer The Untethered Soul  Such an insightful book about thoughts, consciousness and inner growth. Deepak Chopra loves It!

Dave Grohl The Storyteller  An autobiography in story form by musician Grohl, (ex Nirvana and Foo Fighters)

Streamed Programs

Oh so many…..

Billions – the excesses of hedge fund managers in NY with Damian Lewis, Maggie Siff and Paul Giamatti on Stan

Fires- Just won an AACTA award..see it on Iview. Outstanding series of stories about people and bushfires. A Matchbox/ Tony Ayres Production collaboration

Succession – the intrigue of a wealthy media dynasty..not a nice person among the lot of them but clever , witty, fast dialogue to keep your mind racing. Fabulous. Starring Aussie’s Sarah Snook and Brian Cox.    Binge

The Undoing  showing on Binge Nicole Kidman and  Hugh Grant are outstanding in this edgy production

Clickbait with Adrian Greiner is showing on Netflix  and another AACTA winner. Gripping!

Mare of Eastown showing on Binge. Kate Winslet is outstanding as a small town cop in this crime suspense.


I saw No Time To Die, the last James Bond movie with Daniel Craig and I wasn’t super impressed……. but it was still so much fun sitting in a cinema and watching on a BIG screen with surround sound


Glennon Doyle  We Can Do Hard Things Inspiring, elevating and wise, Doyles work is worth a look.

Madeleine Dore: Routine and Ruts..conversations with writers, artists and designers

Laurie Santos The Happiness lab.

Dr Sam Wylie Economics 101...the world of Australian finance

Victoria Devine She’s on the Money Get your finances sorted in 2022!

Let’s hope for a long hot summer with time to catch up on all those distractions in film, TV and books..Happy Holiday!

Feature Image by Min An with thanks. Words by Nora Vitins

15 December 2021 | Arts

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