Go on… Cross the Border!

We all live in our own worlds. The world of our town, our city, our home. We form judgments about other places from what we’ve heard or what we’ve seen on the news.  Or perhaps we form an image of other cities  from fragments of story that we have amplified,…

23 January 2020 | Life-Style

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Viva 70 Celebrates Its First Birthday!!!

I just pressed the button to publish our 200th article for How very timely because on January 25th 2019 Viva 70 went live  with this creative baby that was to become a community of very precious readers and creative talent. I remember last year this time scrambling around trying…

20 January 2020 | Life-Style

Interior Design trends for 2020

We’ve been living in a very serious world lately. So its time to lighten up with a look at what designers are saying about trends in home styling to kick off the new decade. It’s interesting that our homes become the nest when the world outside is unpredictable and threatening…

11 January 2020 | Life-Style

Christmas Thoughts For You….

Hi Everyone Hope you’re having a great pre-christmas season. I’m on holiday for 2 weeks but had to leave you with these thoughts for Christmas…… Three wise women would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, bought practical gifts, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and there…

17 December 2019 | Life-Style

Merry Christmas to All our Lovely Subscribers!

Hi Everyone! Sincere thanks for subscribing to Viva 70 and supporting the work of our creative team. You have traveled with me, ridden the bumps and contributed articles, comments and emails to give Viva 70 a life! What a Big Year! We are not even one year old! Viva 70…

12 December 2019 | Life-Style

Snippets in November

Hi Everyone! I’ve just made it to publish  our monthly snippets for November! Months fly by. This is the column where I collect random interesting ” bits” that readers have sent in or I’ve stumbled across this month. Grab a coffee and settle into a comfy place and enjoy this…

28 November 2019 | Life-Style

Of Fear and Fire

Outside the wind howls and lashes the trees and they bend, compliant to a greater force. It’s a violent, snarling dry wind that leaches the atmosphere of its humidity and softness. The air is thick with haze and swirling dust and leaves. Its 38 degrees outside. 90kmph winds. At 1.30…

22 November 2019 | Life-Style

Shopping for Beginners

When I asked my university post-grad. business students what hobbies they had, I expected gaming, sport, going out with friends, social media etc. OK the survey sample was smallish- 40 students but no 1 leisure activity among both men and women was listed as shopping! I explored further…so you mean…

24 October 2019 | Life-Style

Snippets in October

Hi Everyone! I hope your days are joyful and full of adventure. Is it fall where you are? I’m seeing photos of russet leaves and even snow appearing on Instagram. Here in Oz the days are longer, the sun smiles more often and there’s a new energy in the air….

15 October 2019 | Life-Style