Living Well

Staying Afloat When the World is Overwhelming

Since September last year many Australians have lived with nightly images of our communities on fire. Worse for some they have lost their homes and loved ones. When disaster strikes trauma results and for people directly affected by fire the road to healing is long and expert professional support is…

16 January 2020 | Living Well

Keeping Hydrated in Extreme Weather

Here in Australia it’s mid- summer and along with 40 degree temperatures the bushfires rage. Julia Richard is our regular Wellness contributor to Viva 70. Originally from New South Wales she has lived in Yorkshire for many years now working as a coach and medical herbalist. This wonderful article was…

11 January 2020 | Living Well

The Red Coat

I bought a red woollen winter coat yesterday, in a sale at Zara. It’s 36 degrees outside. The shopping centre is shrouded in thick yellow-white smoke, like a tarpaulin tightly covering the city, letting nothing through. Not sure why I bought it. Then I remembered a photo. Images. Jane Fonda…

4 January 2020 | Living Well

Farewell 2019…….Time For a Life Review & A Plan for the Future

As the champagne corks pop we celebrate the arrival of a precious gift…a whole New Year of our lives. 2020 has a nice ring about it. Neat. Rhythmic. Balanced. The start of a new decade. New Year Resolutions fly like kites in the skies of possibility, potential and the fresh…

2 January 2020 | Living Well

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Have a safe and happy holiday!  We’ll be back next week with another year of interviews, articles, life style tips, film and book reviews and much more…..! Nora xxx

26 December 2019 | Living Well

Bludging in Bali by Graeme Leith

A special pre – Christmas treat awaits dear reader…………….another story from our guest writer, Graeme Leith. We bought you the  narrative of Graeme’s life last week in 50 Faces 50 Lives and also a wonderfully funny story by this very talented writer…He’s made a good drop of wine in his…

11 December 2019 | Living Well

My Little Trip by Graeme Leith

This month Viva 70 welcomes Graeme Leith as a guest writer to our pages.  Apart from being a talented winemaker and founder of Passing Clouds vineyard, Graeme is a prolific writer and published author. His storytelling and dry wit is legendary and I think I’ve nearly cajoled and harassed him…

5 December 2019 | Living Well

What Have You Got to Lose? Jane Fonda on Activism

The PBS News Hour program is fabulous. I stumbled across it here in Melbourne by accident channel surfing on a particularly bleak rainy day. It’s on SBS Viceland at 4.10pm weekdays. I’m sure its streamed on other media too. On Friday I saw an interview with Jane Fonda. It made…

9 November 2019 | Living Well

Hay Fever Relief: It’s not too late to start now

In Australia’s cooler climes November is the last month of spring. In my garden the birch trees are laden with catkins, the ornamental grape has clusters of fine powdery seeds, lavenders and roses bloom and pollens abound. This month our resident wellness expert, Julia Richards has sent through a very…

6 November 2019 | Living Well