Living Well

Working From Home

In 1990’s it was called Telecommuting. Companies dipped their toes into the pond of flexible work arrangements. Many managers were cynical that staff would actually WORK while based at home. How could managers keep track of what employees were doing with their time? It’s hard to imagine this way of…

21 February 2019 | Living Well

Changing Tracks

How many major life altering changes have you experienced in your years on this planet? This might be living in a new country, the death of a loved one, a transforming relationship or changing life – time habits that no longer serve you well. It may be retirement, beating a…

19 February 2019 | Living Well

Valentine’s Day Solo

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Red chocolate hearts, gushy love tributes and super expensive red roses dance into town. Bonds cottontails  are replaced with barely there lace g –strings and L..O..V..E… is on the agenda tonight! Well perhaps….. What if you live alone? What happens to the heartstrings (never mind…

13 February 2019 | Living Well

Living Well- but how?

Living well, ageing with vigour and having a good life at any age are all statements of intent but how do we make them real? Literature on healthy ageing has lots to say. Genes, nutritious food, exercise, healthy relationships, purpose, a positive attitude, and gratitude, everything in moderation, good health…

11 February 2019 | Living Well

Cleansing, Fasting or Cutting Back?

Eating and drinking are two of the great joys of life. In Australia we are lucky to have access to a good quality food and because of our multicultural heritage, a wide variety of food. In ancient times there were periods of low food supply and religious festivals gave us…

5 February 2019 | Living Well

A Year of No “Should’s”

How do we change habits of a lifetime? How do we stop that infuriating thought bubble that contains the words “You SHOULD…”.It catches you out at the most annoying times. Snuggled on the sofa binge watching “Outlander” and eating chocolate… There it goes again…“You Should be cleaning up the kitchen-…

5 February 2019 | Living Well

Quotes For a Quiet Moment

I have a ” For Life” book that I’ve kept for years. A type of scrapbook I guess. In it I write quotes that I come across in my reading and listening. I also keep images that I find beautiful and inspiring. There are always times in life when a…

31 January 2019 | Living Well

Finding a Sense of Purpose

In younger years, our work contributed to a sense of purpose. When asked “What do you do?” we responded with a job tag. Work helped define us. It helped identify our social currency. It placed us in the social order. Particularly for the boomer generation, work was a powerful identifier….

30 January 2019 | Living Well

Boomers Are a Happy Lot!

We hear lots about getting older “Age is just a number” and “You’re only as young as you feel”  “Youth is wasted on the young” “You don‘t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing” These clichés bounce around in our youth culture zeitgeist. As…

29 January 2019 | Living Well