This Christmas I wish you………

Dear Viva70 Readers

It’s been nearly 3 years since a glimmer in my eye and a half – baked idea about a magazine for the over 50’s bounced into my consciousness. ” What if…..?” are two of the most powerful words in our language.  When imagination and passion meet, they create opportunity.

So thank you for being here and hanging in there with me. By way of thanks I’ll ditch the hand-cream and candles, the schmultzy  cards and re-gifted soap and room spray and I’ll give you some words…… and sent with love…..

This Christmas I wish you

  • the courage, audacity and fear to ask ” What if…?” and follow your dreams
  • enough money to not worry about money and see that other things are more important
  • the experience of being loved…. by a partner, friends, families or furry friends
  • good neighbours and a community where you feel you belong
  • the safety and healing quality of home
  • chocolate or other wicked passions
  • connection with issues, people and a world outside your own everyday world
  • a child-like, unbridled exploration of the world
  • good health and wellness in your life

Merry Christmas everyone and so many good wishes for the New Year!

Nora x

15 December 2021 | Living Well


  1. Thank you Nora
    It isn’t just your adventure! You have brought many of us from all over the world with you on your carpet ride. May you have a beauty Christmas season and many more adventures next year

    1. Maureen Thank you so’s been a treat meeting you here. Have a wonderful snowy Christmas while we celebrate with a beach picnic!
      love Nora x

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