About Viva 70

Viva 70 is a lifestyle magazine ( blog) for men and women living in the best years of their lives ( 50-105!) We look at how to create rich and happy lives in these Wonder Years. We are not wrinkle free and deluded into thinking older age is a Polyanna Paradise. It ain’t! Ageing well has its challenges but living these years with a sense of excitement and a VIVA spirit- a love of life- is open to all of us if we choose it.

In this mag. we look at Lifestyle (travel, houses, gardens, fashion, events). I am a huge Cineholic and have for years enjoyed film, TV, music, theatre and books. We bring you reviews and have fun with this Arts section of the magazine. We also look at Living Well, which explores issues such as running a business, living alone, relationships and learning more about ourselves.

Viva 70 is an online community of people so join the conversation by leaving comments at the end of articles. It’s an opportunity for you to contribute that article you have written and always wanted to see in print. Be a Viva Creative Contributor. You can subscribe my clicking the subscribe button. It’s completely free and you’ll receive only 1 email a week from us containing all articles that interest you. We do not pass on your email address to any mailing list.

Who’s Nora Vitins?

This is my 70th year (Hence VIVA 70!) and after 11 whole months of retirement it was time to create a new adventure. I have always enjoyed writing and photography. My career was as a management consultant and coach. I had my own change management business for 20 years and helped organisations and individuals make changes in their lives.

Viva 70 is an opportunity to create change in a different way. The opportunity for an online community of older men and women to share their stories, practical tips and have some fun, is a driving force behind VIVA and inspired by many who come before me.

Personally, VIVA 70 is a way to keep learning and growing. Six weeks ago I didn’t know what a pixel was or how to resize photos! I’m doing a multimedia course because I need to know how to make videos and manage VIVA’s social media and Youtube channel. I live happily single, I have one wonderful son and the best daughter in law I could ask for. I’m a newly minted granny with my 14 month old granddaughter teaching me the ropes. I’m English and Australian and a citizen of the world. I’m hugely ecstatic, terrified and sometimes aghast at the scale of what I want to achieve with VIVA- really Vitins, couldn’t you just take up knitting!

Thank you for travelling with me on this journey. On those days that I stumble and bumble, not quite knowing what I’m doing… I do¬† know this magazine and having you interested, makes me leap out of bed in the morning. When I see a great film and can share with you some insights that’s lovely. When you subscribe or leave comments or otherwise engage in this community….that makes my day.. and hopefully makes yours too!

Thanks for being here..let the journey continue!