About Viva 70

Viva 70 is a community of people interested in living engaged, healthy and happy lives in their older years. (over 50!) Our readers and writers live in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, UK and many other countries. Viva 70 is not a business. It’s a place to share ideas and every fortnight new articles hit this website as we explore film, wellness, travel, relationships,  and all aspects of living purposeful lives as we age. You might like to write for Viva 70 or comment on the articles you read. You can subscribe and have  new articles delivered to your mailbox once a fortnight. No marketing material. Just hit subscribe on the home page.

I began Viva70 four years ago and you’ll find over 300 articles on this site written by myself and guest writers on a wide range of subjects. As the years rolled by your comments and emails have steered the content of Viva70. Many readers, no longer able to travel themselves, love the travel stories and armchair travel along with us. Home renovation projects are another passion and readers also enjoy the film reviews.

One of the most popular sections of Viva70 are the stories of older people and their life experiences. Fifty Faces: Fifty Lives, is a collection of interviews I have done with older men and women living connected, purposeful lives in their older years. Their stories and life experiences are varied and fascinating. There are 27 stories so far and this year I hope to complete the 50 interviews and curate a book of these stories.

About Nora

Retirement from a busy professional life as a management consultant, leadership coach and psychologist, was difficult for me. Although my specialist field was change management,  I struggled to find identity and meaning in the early retirement years. While other retired friends seemed blissful, I was rudderless! I needed a project. I needed a new community to share laughter, ideas and explore this crazy world of ageing. I have always enjoyed writing and photography and as often happens in life ideas began to take shape and Viva70 was born.

Growth and learning are a constant in ageing well and finding purpose in our older years. In shaping Viva70 over the years I have been surrounded by passionate and encouraging  friends and the support of the Viva70 community. I am truly grateful for the comments and emails that are sent to me. There have been unexpected bumps along the road. It’s called life! But as long as Viva 70 inspires a community of people with something to say, we’ll be here… and invite you to travel with us…..