Mother Father Son……”Completely Cuckoo, Utterly Irresistible”

I’ve been bingeing a lot lately and reading books about self -acceptance and suspending self -judgement. Paradoxical you think. Well no. My TV drama marathons until the early hours of the morning may leave me bleary eyed and discombobulated the next day but that’s where NO¬† Self- Judgement takes over….

25 June 2020 | Arts

What is ART anyway?

I stand before a crumple of plastic plumbing pipe, a laminate table and a gin bottle. The artwork is called “Incontinent.” It was created in 1997 by Fiona Hall. The explanation attached to the sculpture reads Incontinent utilises bodily metaphors to comment on the crumbling of the British Empire, Queen…

17 June 2020 | Arts

Born a Crime: Stories From A South African Childhood

Trevor Noah came to my attention on Instagram. He’s the clever, funny and utterly engaging writer, political commentator, satirist and current anchor for The Daily Show when he replaced Jon Stewart in 2015. Time magazine has named this 36 year old African American one of the top 100 most influential…

5 June 2020 | Arts

Bill Cunningham Fashion Climbing: A Must Read!

You don’t have to love fashion to love this book! In 2010 Bill Cunningham New York hit the cinemas. In this documentary we were introduced to this unique, genial, creative, talented individual who rode around New York taking photos of fashion events, fashion on the street and in the homes…

22 May 2020 | Arts

A Secret Love

Netflix is really a cornucopia of trash and also some excellent programming. A Secret Love is one of those little, unassuming gems that tells a very simple human story of a lesbian couple, their 65 and a half years together and their move to an aged care facility. Being gay…

1 May 2020 | Arts

The English Game

Did you see the Downton Abbey Series? I was besotted by the characters, lavish costume and sheer opulence of the drama series. It was written by Julian Fellowes who has now created The English Game that is available on Netflix. (Incidentally Julian Alexander Kitchener Fellowes, also Baron Fellowes of West…

7 April 2020 | Arts

Unorthodox….. worth a look!

Netflix is rolling out some fine drama and Unorthodox is one such example. It’s a 4 part series based on a memoir by Deborah Feldman. It tells the story of a young woman living in an orthodox Hasidic, Jewish community in New York. The restrictions and expectations of community life…

7 April 2020 | Arts

Stateless…. Dramatic Storytelling at its Finest

Upfront I need to declare that I have a special interest in this series. My son is an executive producer for this TV drama and I am a loud, proud mum. Over the months I’ve seen my son’s passion and hard work in bringing this story to screen. It’s a…

4 March 2020 | Arts

Inspired by Nature: The Architecture of Sou Fujimoto

Have you heard of Sou Fujimoto? I remember his name from a visit to the temporary Serpentine pavilion in London when I visited the gallery there in Hyde Park. Like a spider’s web this beautiful building makes you gasp at the imagination and technical skill displayed. The main image shows…

6 February 2020 | Arts