Books About Ageing Well

You’ve just celebrated a milestone birthday…for most of our Viva 70 readers that’s men and women over 50. Do you think about how your next decade may be different? Do you imagine what life story you would like to create for your next decade? Do you read books about transition…

25 October 2019 | Arts

Judy: A Film About Judy Garland

Renee Zellweger is tipped to win an Oscar for her performance in Judy, the latest biopic about the actress and singer Judy Garland. Biopics are difficult territory to navigate. Do you praise performances that accurately mimic the story, mannerisms, speech and looks of a famous artist or is there more?…

15 October 2019 | Arts

Downton Abbey: The Film

Can a TV series transition to a film format successfully?  Can you think of a TV series that made this transition seamlessly? I soaked in Downton Abbey when it was first released (2010) and bought the DVD sets of all three series because I couldn’t get enough. This historical drama…

10 October 2019 | Arts

Unbelievable – Worth a Watch

Unbelievable is a series showing on Netflix and it is outstanding. It is based on a true story when a teenager reports a rape and then after being interrogated, recants the story. In parallel another story tells of a serial rapist attacking women and leaving no trace of DNA. A…

2 October 2019 | Arts

Tarantino takes Hollywood

Let’s google Tarantino “His films are characterised by non-linear storylines, satirical subject matter, estheticization of violence, extended scenes of dialogue, ensemble casts, references to popular culture, soundtracks from the 1960’s to 1980’s and features of neo-noir film. ” (wikipedia) ………..  A great summary! Quentin Tarantino directs ” Once Upon a…

4 September 2019 | Arts

Emily Kam Kngwarray

A weekday ” pop into the gallery moment” and again life delivers jewels. This time in the form of beautiful batiks and paintings. But it’s the paintings that really captured my attention ……… Emily Kam Kngwarray  (1910-1996) was a world renowned indigenous artist who began painting at the age of…

4 September 2019 | Arts

Balenciaga: A Designer/ Influencer Extraordinaire

Cristobal Balenciaga was born in the basque country of Spain in 1895  and went on to create one of the most innovative and trend setting fashion houses in the world. Christian Dior, a competitor in the fashion industry described him as ” the master of us all.” He opened his…

30 August 2019 | Arts

Fleabag is Fantastic!

Do you feel like watching a smart, very funny,  beautifully scripted and over the top hilarious comedy…which touches the heart….? Then take the time to search out Fleabag written, produced and lead role played by Phoebe Waller -Bridge. (Here in Australia I found it on Amazon Prime membership for…

27 August 2019 | Arts

Late Night – a FILM REVIEW

Emma Thompson stars in  Late Night, a warm and witty comedy written by Mindy Kaling. Emma Thompson is brilliant in her role as an ageing talk show host who has lost touch with the world around her. Social media confounds and her management style is autocratic, narcissistic and simply bad….

14 August 2019 | Arts