Foodie Adventures in Tuscany with Maureen Moffatt DAY FIVE

We continue our journey with Maureen on this wonderful culinary adventure exploring food and wine but also some of the emotional responses that travel with us….sheer joy! Thursday Today is market day in Camucia.  We arrive in town early and head off in different directions.  There are rows and rows…

25 March 2019 | Life-Style

Foodie adventures in Tuscany by Maureen Moffatt DAY FOUR

Wednesday We are all off truffle hunting today.  We start early as it is a bit of a drive to San Giovanni d’Asso.  We are to meet the famous lawyer and white truffle hunter “Fabio Capitani”.  The ride is smooth as we wend our way through the countryside so familiar…

21 March 2019 | Life-Style

Foodie Adventures in Tuscany by Maureen Moffatt DAY THREE

Our travels continue on day three of our eight day food and wine tour of Tuscany. Enjoy the journey……! Tuesday This morning we head out to “Il Casale”, between Pienza and Montepulciano.  Il Casale is an organic farm owned by a Swiss family, Urich and Sandra Schmidig along with their…

18 March 2019 | Life-Style

Foodie Adventures in Tuscany by Maureen Moffatt DAY TWO

Come Travelling!…we continue our week long virtual food and wine tour of Tuscany with Maureen…. Monday I know that it is early.  I can hear the morning birds singing outside.  I fling open the window and smile, yes this is Italy and I am here…finally.  I look up at the…

18 March 2019 | Life-Style

Foodie Adventures in Tuscany by Maureen Moffatt DAY ONE

If I say the words- Tuscany, food, Diane Lane… and the film, “Under the Tuscan Sun”….   Most of us sigh and remember the film well. …..the beauty of Cortona, Italy and the images of her cooking up sumptuous dishes in the midst of construction works on the villa she had…

18 March 2019 | Life-Style

A Weekend Wardrobe with Evelyn Wilfling

What do you wear at the weekend? Brunch with girlfriends? Special occasion lunch at a winery? The house dress when you come home to relax? Or is it jeans and sweats most of the weekend? Comfort matters to me  and since I retired the need to look ” corporate” has…

14 March 2019 | Life-Style

Five Wardrobe Essentials with Evelyn Wilfling

Getting older doesn’t mean wearing old lady clothes! The days of pearls, twin-sets and sensible shoes are over… or at least the “comfortable” shoes are funky red sneakers and leopard print boots. At Viva70 we spent a wonderful day with Evelyn Wilfling learning about style in fashion and home interiors….

14 March 2019 | Life-Style

Discoveries no.1

This week we start a new column of resources, finds and information that may be of interest to you. Discoveries is also an invitation for you to contribute to the list of snippets. Just add your ideas to the comments box at the end of the article. This way we…

5 March 2019 | Life-Style

There are no coincidences – or are there?

This week we welcome a new Creative Contributor to our Viva Community. Inge Hatton lives in Canada. Here’s her story……. In 1998, I was single, my children were away at Graduate School, I had sold the family home, was still working as a Cognitive Behavioural (CB)  psychotherapist and I was…

4 March 2019 | Life-Style