Foodie Adventures in Tuscany with Maureen Moffatt DAY FIVE

We continue our journey with Maureen on this wonderful culinary adventure exploring food and wine but also some of the emotional responses that travel with us….sheer joy!


Today is market day in Camucia.  We arrive in town early and head off in different directions.  There are rows and rows of linen, wood products and clothing, but surprisingly little food.  Another surprise is that the clothing is high quality and what I had seen in Rome.  I realize that this is where people come to replenish their wardrobes.  It is nice to meander, to breath it all in without any hurry.  It is a beautiful warm fall day.  Not really wanting to buy anything I stop off at a little café for an espresso.  I take a seat outside and settle in to watch everything.  It is so relaxing.  Suddenly everyone finds the café and I notice that Gord has purchased and is wearing a pair of orange pants – not bright, but a more sophisticated blend of rust and tan.  He looks very sexy and is really just too cute.  Tom has also acquired a pair, more tan than orange which he keeps in a bag.  Both look very pleased with themselves…as are we.

Heading back Linda, Tracey, Debbie and I decide to lunch in Cortona and do a spot of shopping.  I love today’s pace.  On my own I can just take my time with every sight and scene and smell.  I particularly love the olive wood products, especially the salad bowls, but they are dear.  I opt for the more economical cutting board almost one inch thick.  I continue on browsing at the linen shop, then Il Papiro, the papery where I find hand painted works of art, a craft centuries old.  I head to Molesini’s Enoteca wine store to buy a bottle of Sassacaia.  I want to share this precious wine with the group.  Tracey and Debbie find the perfect cheese and bread to go with and we all head back.

The group meets on the lawn between the pool and Tracey’s apartment.  The Sassacaia is decanted, glasses appear and the warm bread and cheese arrive.  I pour the wine, we toast and taste.  Silence.  I look at Tom.  He is turning pink and starts to tear.  His eyes are as large as the owls at the Zoo and his face breaks into a wide smile.  I am smiling too.  It is everything one could hope for and more.  The levels of complexity, the flavours and sensations make for a thrilling experience.  This is a perfect marriage, 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc created by the use of French vines by Marchese Mario Incisa della Rochetta who dreamed of creating a thoroughbred of wines.  This treasure was once enjoyed only by the family and a few fortunate friends until persuaded that it could become commercial.  The rest is history with this birth of the first Super-Tuscan.  Everyone is aware that this is a special moment.  We taste the cheese and bread, a perfect combination adding more enjoyment if that were possible.  Sitting, relaxing, just breathing, I think we are all enjoying this idle moment.

Over the hedge I see our table being set up for Marco Molesini’s visit.  Marco, among other things is the sommelier for his family’s business.  He has arrived and is unloading the wine.  He has selected among other things a Chianti Classico, a Brunello and my favourite a combination of syrah, merlot and cabernet called, Il Borro.  He explains Italy’s classification system, the varietals, the aging process and what makes a super Tuscan.  I know that later this week we will visit his store in Cortona and choose something special to take home.  I am thoroughly enjoying the image.

Later Les Eglantines cook dinner and we all eat rather silently.  We did a great deal today and I am drained.  Tomorrow is Friday…already.

Maureen Moffat

“After a career in crisis and emergency management, retired in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Passionate about food and travel, from the countries within the Arctic circle to diving in the sub marine caves off Tobago and the islands of the Galapagos archipelago.  Food brings people together. What we eat, how we eat, even where we eat reveals so much about a culture, a way of life and values.”

Images with thanks Roberta Sorge (feature), Jez Timms & Clifford Yeo

25 March 2019 | Life-Style

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