A Weekend Wardrobe with Evelyn Wilfling

What do you wear at the weekend? Brunch with girlfriends? Special occasion lunch at a winery? The house dress when you come home to relax? Or is it jeans and sweats most of the weekend? Comfort matters to meĀ  and since I retired the need to look ” corporate” has certainly gone out of the window. It’s a new opportunity to dress well but on a budget and in a more relaxed way than before. What’s in your weekend wardrobe? Leave your comments below..

Evelyn Wilfling

Today we have another fun video with style queen Evelyn Wilfling where we check out her wardrobe for a number of events over a typical weekend. She’s full of energy and pazzazz and I just love spending time with her and Edy, her husband. We had an afternoon of fun, great food and a glass of wine to celebrate. Come and play with us….


14 March 2019 | Life-Style

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