Five Wardrobe Essentials with Evelyn Wilfling

Getting older doesn’t mean wearing old lady clothes! The days of pearls, twin-sets and sensible shoes are over… or at least the “comfortable” shoes are funky red sneakers and leopard print boots. At Viva70 we spent a wonderful day with Evelyn Wilfling learning about style in fashion and home interiors. Check out her home in an article, “Stylish Interiors” in  the life-style section (19th February) and you’ll see what I mean.

Fashion styling for women over 50 is individual, its bold and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The concept of age appropriate dressing has all but gone and we tend to design signature wardrobes around life – style and the expression of who we are as individuals.

What are the essential 5 items that form the core of your spring/ summer  wardrobe? Leave your suggestions in the comments box below. For me its definitely white linen pants, navy t-shirt, fuschia cardigan, black linen shift dress and 3/4 sleeve soft floral print blouse. Perhaps a navy blazer (hardly worn in Australia- just too hot!) and some pewter flats and white canvas runners.

The following video was shot, not to be Scorsese masterpiece but simply three friends having a great time, learning about styling from Evelyn, with lots of laughter and shared joy… check it out. Here’s a woman who at 54, knows how to live 150% every day…she’s a great role model and a stylish Viva……….lets check out Evelyn’s wardrobe essentials……….


14 March 2019 | Life-Style

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