The Corona Lifestyle

My parents were refugees and lived through war and severe food shortages. When my mother died we were cleaning out her frig and freezer. She had 10 frozen chickens, 3 legs of lamb and 2 ducks in her freezer! Most “Un -Australian”as the prime Minister would say! But she knew…

20 March 2020 | Life-Style

Preparing to Sell…….the Straw House Gardens

Life has become very simple lately. Get up at 7am, check THE PROJECT PLAN and the day’s to-do list. Greet the electrician, handyman, locksmith or whoever is working on the house. Complete my list of gardening, painting, moving things to storage, eat dinner early, spa bath, bed. Repeat! I’m preparing…

13 March 2020 | Life-Style

Drafting the Calves … a story by Graeme Leith

I caught up with our Viva 70  friend, Graeme Leith at Passing Clouds winery  the other evening. Always lovely. Lots of my photos of Bali shared over a glass of wine and the setting sun just over the hills. Such a beautiful place out there at Musk. He’s retired from…

4 March 2020 | Life-Style

The Rummage

Do you have a basement, garage or spare room loaded with things that will come in handy one day? The garden tools you lose, replace and then find again? The ski’s, that in Australia are used once a decade? The left over tiles, wood, paint and the infamous carpet shampooer…

2 March 2020 | Life-Style

Green School ……memories of the past and a vision of the future.

Education and learning is a well traveled friend in my life. In my 20’s I worked in an alternative school for 10 years, an innovative child – centred learning program where kids’ interests, not age, was the organising principle of the curriculum. Steiner school. Montessori, Summerhill, Preshil were all precursors…

11 February 2020 | Life-Style

Bali Tales: The Massage

It’s 3 pm and the sun has a gentler fingers as it touches the body and soul.  Clouds gather and a soft wind rolls in from the beach. My afternoon nap was blissful. But now its time to head down to the green tables under the trees for my massage….

7 February 2020 | Life-Style

Bali Tales : Let the Healing Begin…..

How well do you know your body and it’s needs? Are you able to read the cues and adjust your lifestyle, diet and thinking accordingly? Most of us romp through life knowing we SHOULD drink less, eat more healthily etc etc. But often it’s after a serious medical event that…

5 February 2020 | Life-Style

Go on… Cross the Border!

We all live in our own worlds. The world of our town, our city, our home. We form judgments about other places from what we’ve heard or what we’ve seen on the news.  Or perhaps we form an image of other cities  from fragments of story that we have amplified,…

23 January 2020 | Life-Style

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Viva 70 Celebrates Its First Birthday!!!

I just pressed the button to publish our 200th article for How very timely because on January 25th 2019 Viva 70 went live  with this creative baby that was to become a community of very precious readers and creative talent. I remember last year this time scrambling around trying…

20 January 2020 | Life-Style