What’s Happening in Canada in this COVID-19 World?

Maureen lives in Nova Scotia, Canada and has been a friend and supporter of Viva 70 since its creation last year. Before that time we did not know each other. You may remember her beautifully written diary of a foodie trip through Tuscany (Lifestyle, 18-27 March 2019) …wonderful…do revisit this series. I asked her to let us know what’s happening in Canada and her town, Lunenburg, in this new COVID-19 existence. While Canada may be thousands of miles away from Melbourne the human experience resonates. Thank you Maureen.


In Canada today there are 1087 cases of COVID-19 and 13 deaths. In the last 4 days 500,000 people have applied for unemployment insurance. The Canadian/US border has been closed with a few exceptions; businesses, schools, gatherings, closed or cancelled. medical workers and hospitals are stretched to the limit.

Our Prime Minister provides daily briefings from his front porch. He is managing the response from his house as his wife contracted the virus while attending an international meeting. So he, like all of us is self-isolating. Financial help is coming for those now unemployed, for businesses not long able to operate and work is being undertaken to return Canadians stranded in other countries.

Lunenburg Main Street

In Lunenburg, the streets are mostly deserted. Those out walking dogs smile at each other from a safe distance.We are all struggling, feeling helpless and so vulnerable. The majority of the population is in the high risk category because of our age. We are a social community, hard working and caring.We are fortunate to live here, to feel supported, to know that help is always there if needed. We have always worked our way through challenges. However not this time; this time we wait, we isolate, we clean our house, we clean our hands.

For myself I feel numb, somewhat angry, fearful. Social distancing is an oxymoronic description of our new reality. Guilt is ever present, by comparison to other Canadians and other countries, I am in a privileged position. Normally I would be out working with others, helping where I can but that is not what is required of us. There is no working through the problem. Patience is our challenge.

 ” Every storm runs out of water.”  Maya Angelou


Maureen Moffatt

23 March 2020 | Life-Style


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