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Spend an afternoon hunting for a new sofa at any major homewares centre and you’ll soon discover the three key trends in interior design and decoration.  Open Elle Decor or check on – line sites such as  and you’ll see imaginative and vivacious styling. The right mix of colour, tone, texture. blended around an overall theme give your room a balance and coherence.

The story of design and decoration in your home can be told in major items of furniture- a sofa, painting, wall colour or cabinetry. Or it can be found in the smaller decorator items- a splash of colour on a cushion or ceramics.  “Eclectic” doesn’t cut it any more. Homes are styled and collections curated. Check out the three ” looks” that are trending now……

Look One: Let the Jungle in…..

Animal prints, earth tones, vibrant greens and natural materials are in. We’re going a little Masai in mixing prints, ceramics and light wood and a return to earth mother. there’s a hint of 70’s about this look.

The rain forest and jungle invade our home and we live in nature. Think about the current focus on community gardens, vertical planting on buildings and a love affair with bamboo in building materials and fabrics. Notice the slashes of orange, terracotta and the back colour of greys and teal.

There’s nothing timid or tentative in this styling. It roars! Moss green is in- in fact most greens are abundant. But ochre, brown, orange hint of the 1970’s.

Look Two: Teal, Blue, Green Pop!

I love the rich, courtly appeal of teal. It’s rich and luxurious. Call it peacock or turquoise its everywhere. If we think of a tonal scale the colours of the season stretch from rich navy and deep blues, through to vibrant greens and everything in between.

If you are super – brave go for plush velvet sofas in teal. Or splash a colour burst into your living room. A low cost option is always to update your styling with Vibrant cushions and throws or echo a major colour theme in your art work.

Look Three: Glam and Bling

Our love affair with metallics, mirrored surfaces and all things that sparkle continues. The Kardasians and home renovation shows show us luxury comes in large fur throws, glass tables, oversized lighting and Hollywood 1940’s glam.

Velvet and moody green, soft pink, silver, chrome, mirrors and overstuffed cushions abound. There’s metal in the detailed ornamentation of chairs and studded velvet is a call back to movie star magic.

I never found the sofa I was looking for but I did come home with a few dashes of teal for the old one!


11 July 2019 | Life-Style

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