Three women artists

My visit to the convent gallery last week was a joyful one. This local gallery is unique in architecture, story and design. It’s importance as a showcase for a range of artistic talent should not be overlooked and this week we glimpse the work of three women artists-Jennifer Feller, Stella Clarke and Yael Susan Rayman.

Jennifer Feller is an award winning Impressionist painter who lives in Melbourne. She trained as a graphic artist and worked in London while also travelling extensively. The South of France, its colours and landscapes was a major influence on her work. I was drawn to the calm and homeliness of her paintings and the use of soft colours so characteristic of impressionist painting. A woman at peace with her little dog is an irresistible image.

Jennifer Feller
Millie and Tillie

Stella Clarke started working as a full time artist only 5 plus years ago. Now a Melbourne based artist she did her post-graduate studies in the UK and traveled Europe to inspire her painting. a year spent in Florence fuelled a passion for life drawing, art history and Renaissance art.

Stella Clarke
Find a Wild Place

I responded to this slightly nostalgic painting of the old style caravan and the little girl and dog adventuring in the wild countryside. The dappled detail of her paintings is beautiful and the mood of the Australian bush is well described. I can smell the Eucalyptus!

Finally, the work of Yael Susan Rayman is exquisite. The rush of vibrant colour and the confident layering of images drew me to her work immediately. And I wanted to stay. Again Yael is a Melbourne based artist inspired by Italy and the work of Matisse, Picasso and Miro. She completed a fine arts degree at Monash University and has exhibited extensively in city and regional galleries.

Yael Susan Rayman

I love the naive, jaunty and modernist style with bold colour and an energy about her work…. a real VIVA passion!

The Convent Gallery can be visited on-line or in person is even better. It’s a great place for inspiration and to recharge the batteries through a passion for art.

29 July 2019 | Arts


  1. Thank you very much for your appreciation of work at the Convent Gallery, I just came across this post. I actually have my studio just outside Ballarat now (and have been working as a practising artist probably for about 10 years – maybe the info at the Convent was a bit out of date), but lovely to know that you responded to my paintings!

    1. Stella! Great to hear from you... I love your work!! Please tell us more about your work and where we can find you……A big invitation for you to write about your story and your art work…Viva70 is 6 months old and we have about 1200 hits a week and readers in UK, USA, Canada, HK and Malaysia……. we’d love to hear from you…we cant pay unfortunately but a bottle of wine at Xmas is a promise…

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