The Pattern Project

It was raining again yesterday. And cold. The adolescent self wanted some new entertainment only found in big cities and preferably in the northern hemisphere. Call it “post -travel- you’re home again blues” but this kid needs a diversion. My seniors card in hand and rugged up against the elements I head to the Big City….even with discounts the travel card won’t extend to the Northern hemisphere but it will get me to Melbourne. Train trips and walking..magic. First stop, good coffee and the buzz of chatter and business networking around me while I luxuriate with MY TIME..but what to do with it!

I cruise a store or two. It’s SALE time and I’m sure to find a bargain. My eye falls on the most beautiful embroidered blouse. It’s pale grey organza  with delicate embroidery in white of flying birds. It’s exquisite! (see feature image) I walk away and then head back to take a photo.

That’s it! The irascible child is calmed and today I’ll explore pattern in this big city. Pattern on textiles and around me- floor tiles, buildings, advertising. I’ll create a collection of images to share and walk through the lane ways and arcades noticing pattern in this low cost adventure. My reticular activating system is working overtime- pattern is everywhere and it’s delicious in its texture, detail and colour palette.

I notice some beautiful beading and sequin work on evening jackets and dresses.  When you really notice something it changes how you see things around you. No purchases passed by my visa card today…just noticing and recording images. In another store I found more traditional florals that are so popular this season.

William Morris designs have been a long time favourite and then I remember an interior design and decoration program I studied many years ago. Dressed head to toe in black with big tortoiseshell glasses I enrolled in the course in my early 50’s. I used to love hanging out in the “caf” doodling, visiting fabric warehouses and  and carting my folio around town. It was so much fun creating mood boards and working with tone and colour. Art history and architectural history were wonderful. I loved textiles and wallpapers and finishes. This was a whole new language worlds away from my business academia.

However, once the subject turned to technical drawing, measurement, CAD and CAM and other suspicious software I crept out of the course and never returned. I knew then there was so much more to interior design than colour and movement…..

Getting back to my city Pattern Project I crossed into the Victorian era, Royal Arcade and there at my feet were exquisite floor tile patterns. The detail, intricate and rich in colour  are so beautiful.

But it’s lunch time and I wander into China Town for a won-ton soup before I resume my obsession with pattern. Animal prints are everywhere and notice how varied they are. There are some beautiful chiffon animal prints. The tactile character of different fabrics is always an interest and smooth, delicate fabric seems to lend itself to luscious pattern.

With photos gathered and energy revived I headed back to the train station after a very thrifty and wonderful day. Noticing the ordinary can be extraordinary!




21 June 2019 | Life-Style

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