Interior Design trends for 2020

We’ve been living in a very serious world lately. So its time to lighten up with a look at what designers are saying about trends in home styling to kick off the new decade. It’s interesting that our homes become the nest when the world outside is unpredictable and threatening and this nesting is certainly seen in the way we style our rooms and create family spaces. So what’s happening out there?

Hollywood Bling is on the way out

The velvets, mirror glass everything, over-sized lighting and massive sofas are still around. Hollywood glam is not completely out. But showy is being replaced by comfort and a love affair with all things green.

Hollywood Bling

While velvet fabric is a stayer there are other trends competing for attention.

Shelter from the Storm

Our homes are certainly big- especially in Australia- but there’s trend to homely comfortable spaces. Stark minimalism is on the out and instead we want big soft furniture so the whole family can come together. The media room with its individual chairs is reshaped into modular leather seating with footrests and head rests.  We want squishy sofas in neutral tones with earthy coloured cushions. There’s a real call to nature going on out there.


Lighting and Art work is Big and Sculptural

In 2020 and beyond, our walls are covered in large scale art work and very sculptural mirrors, lamp shades and overhead lighting. Sculptural elements are everywhere- table legs, chair design but especially on walls.

The Outside comes Inside and the Inside Goes Out!

The trend to Al Fresco dining and living continues. The outdoor kitchen, undercover dining and again soft modular outdoor living is taken to the next level. We’re besotted with indoor plants and animals! Interiors have plants, animal pictures and trellis creeping up the walls.

Animals and Plants come inside

Wood is Everywhere

Rustic, gnarled table tops covered in glass and accompanied by velvet dining chairs…the jungle meets Versailles!

We may be living high in a city apartment block but inside our 2020 home neutrals and warm wood tones give us the sense that nature is with us.

So that’s it for the key trends this season. As always the least expensive way to brighten and update your home is with a new coat of paint and great new throws and cushions.  Move the furniture around and you’ll get a whole new look!




11 January 2020 | Life-Style

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