Inspiration – Andy Grammer and the Kids Chorus

Social media gets a bad rap at times and yet we  can spend hours each  day connecting with people across the world. We can share ideas and images that move and link us at a human level. We share messages of inspiration that lift the human spirit and create a bond, however momentary  with people who have very different lives to our own.

There are ho hum days when over breakfast you check a Facebook post and find a sparkling gem. It can reach out and touch our hearts and make us smile. This morning was such an ordinary day and a friend posted this Youtube clip. The Kids and Andy Grammer are fantastic. Whether in a wheel-chair, a retirement home or sitting on a beach this can make you smile. Life is really tough for some older Viva’s and its shared moments like this that create a sense of joy.  It’s the reason we wake up in the morning and the reason we hold our kids dear. When we are tired and worn out its music and images like this that say- it’s Ok…….look around.. there’s so much joy in the world….a viva spirit!

5 May 2019 | Arts

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