HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Viva 70 Celebrates Its First Birthday!!!

I just pressed the button to publish our 200th article for Viva70.com. How very timely because on January 25th 2019 Viva 70 went live  with this creative baby that was to become a community of very precious readers and creative talent.

I remember last year this time scrambling around trying to get 9 articles written so I could fill the columns in the WordPress template that was to become our  online magazine. My first article was about the fashion designer Alexander McQueen. I wrote and edited the article at least 8 or nine times. I sourced images and agonised over their placement. I learned what a pixel was and tried to resize photos cutting off the heads of most of the images. I was learning and every day since  I just keep on learning.

In the last 12 months I’ve met the most extraordinary people and encountered a generosity of human spirit like no other. We all loved Al and Linda’s very personal romance story. (Living well August 11th)  A precious gift. We took a deep breath when we read of some of the tragedies of people’s lives and how they somehow manage to go on living (Graeme Leith 50 faces 50 Lives  5th December). I’ve met people Like Petrus Spronk, a wonderful artist and human being who famously created urban sculpture that we have admired for years. (Petrus Spronk 50 Faces 50 Lives 12th  November)

We’ve traveled to Tuscany, the Highlands of Scotland and the villages of Derbyshire in the UK and schools in Bali and explored our own backyard. We’ve found Buddhist stupa’s in Bendigo, Afghan precinct in Dandenong, great art in Brisbane and wild beaches in Lorne.

Where once I wallowed in angst about putting my own very personal stories, fears and crashes on paper and then..horror…. on my WEB page I now feel no pain about being disclosive, personal and raw…where it might help others identify with the human frailties and struggles we all face.

It’s  been an amazing 12 months and I have you..the wonderful Viva 70 community to thank for all your support and patience while I continue to learn and grow as a writer and communicator. Huge thanks to all our regular contributors. You are very special and generous in sharing your expertise and time.

There’s a big 12 months ahead..many more people to meet, films to see and a book about ageing well to write. Travel well my friends. Let’s keep the conversation going and sincere, heartfelt thanks for being here!


Thanks to Adi Goldstein for the main image.

20 January 2020 | Life-Style


  1. Nora I just cannot believe a year has passed and yet I feel that I have known you forever. Viva70, is a gem of a publication and has your touch all over it. You have brought so many people together from all over the world and have delighted in their journeys and discoveries. We are all a story and you have shone light on each of those who have been lucky enough to have found themselves in your sphere. Continued success. I for one cannot wait to see where you go from here and to share in a small way your next years

    1. Dear Maureen. Thank you so much. You have been a such a greater supporter for my creative baby and myself. On the days when I’m full of fear and questioning “What have I done??!!!” its the kindness and support of you and the viva community that answers my question! I can’t believe a year ago I did not know you. On the other side of the world and through the power of words and the internet we made a connection and a friendship. Thank you. Do take care in those blizzards in Canada… the images look horrendous.

  2. We are fine here Nora, thankfully. As you know Canada is a big country with countless weather systems. Newfoundland was hit badly. We are fine here…so far. Life is good.

  3. Congratulations Nora, Maureen’s thoughts totally reflect mine. I have known you as an impeccable academic writer and presenter, now I am getting to know you as a warm, humorous, intelligent and descriptive writer. It is a delight for me to get to know you this way and like your other readers I relish receiving the next edition of Viva70. When are you going to write the book that is no doubt percolating in your mind? Much love Inge

    1. Hi Inge
      Thank you SO much.. Love your words…….it’s a great feeling to arrive in this place one year on. Viva 70 was never planned, never thought through..one day I just thought ” I’m going to go nuts if I don’t have something to replace a busy working life.” A fuzzy idea on a morning lake walk has morphed into a community of writers and readers and a purpose to explore positive ageing. And the book..? Yes! Happening! 50 Faces 50 Lives stories that are printed in Viva will form the basis of a book about how to age well. I’ve done around 20 interviews with 30 more to go this year. If you know any people with great stories do let me know. They can write their own stories or I can interview them on Skype…some Canadians definitely needed!!! Much love, Nora

  4. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Viva70!
    Well dear Nora, what a fabulous achievement, a milestone, and wonderfull array
    of creative interesting vitality you have offered-given- and shared with us over the last year.
    Your imaginative and artistic mindset and beautiful photographs have been a joy.
    Long may you and “baby” Viva continue!
    Al and Linda

    1. Thank you both so much…it is a joy with many adventures yet to come. You have both been such wonderful supporters and the article you wrote stands out as one of the best published with the most comments…… much love and thanks Nora

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