Discoveries no.1

This week we start a new column of resources, finds and information that may be of interest to you. Discoveries is also an invitation for you to contribute to the list of snippets. Just add your ideas to the comments box at the end of the article. This way we can pool our finds as we venture around the world and the internet.

Discovery 1      Travelling Solo experts

A great travel site for solo travellers! It will give you news about best places to stay in London for solos, how to be a green traveler  and a great “Wits and Wonder” travel course for solo travelers eg How to protect your money, going to a spa solo and many other practical articles.

Discovery 2      Onsie Campervans

Ever wanted to have your own campervan and travel New Zealand? For single berth self- contained campervans (easy to drive) in New Zealand look at

Discovery 3      Spotify

I know… the whole world has been listening to free music on Spotify for ages,,, except me! But now I’m hooked! Background music to stacking the dishwasher, bopping to tunes as I empty the garbage…life has suddenly become more colourful with free music coming in each day.

Discovery 4       The Red Summer House and Keri Anderson

What a great woman! She’s a textile designer and runs a fabulous online business

Beautiful quality items made with heart. I love the bags. Check it out

Discovery 5      The House Dress

Evelyn Wilfling  (alias style queen) introduced me to the idea of coming home and changing into a stretchy soft easy to wear house dress- I’m hooked.   I have 2 – One navy jersey, loose, v-neck with pockets and stretches as you lounge,non –iron, packs easily for travel. The other is  leopard print, cold shoulder, drapes beautifully and can be worn for a summer party as well as sofa snuggles.

Great customer service and delivery – caters for all sizes- reasonable prices

Discovery 6     A beautiful Book about Tea Towels

I can see you shaking your head in disbelief but this is seriously beautiful with different textile designs. It’s By Pat Albeck (2018) Queen of the Tea Towel National Trust UK publication

Discovery 7      Sebastiao Salgado Photographer

A friend has started a photography course and over coffee last week introduced me to the wonderful talent of this man

Check out his work on the Ted talk below

Please leave your discoveries for the week in the comments box and we’ll share ideas in the VIVA community. It can be anything others may find of interest- recipes, art, hobbies, get fit ideas, fun quotes,  favourite dog breed..nearly anything!

5 March 2019 | Life-Style

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