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Look around your home. What do you have on the walls or displayed on tables and shelving?  Do you buy art- whether painting, sculpture, ceramics, beautifully designed pieces? Do you make thoughtful decisions about what you’ll buy? Perhaps revisit the gallery a number of times? Or do you see and buy as an immediate experience?   Some people collect art as an acquisition to create a collection or as an investment. There are others who stick to the old adage..” I don’t know much about art but I know what I like when I see it…”

Let me tell you a story. It’s a ho -hum day and I’m in town to buy mushrooms. In the main street of Daylesford I see an old bank building has been re-purposed as an art gallery. Michael Parker has moved from a narrow frontage space and created an open inviting, white walled gallery alive with beautiful painting, sculpture and design. It’s a mecca from the ho – hum of mushroom buying! Every second item would fit perfectly in my home and I’m besotted with the colour, energy and vibrancy of the exhibits. I turn a corner and there she is. The Red Head by Melbourne artist, Ann-Maree Gentile. Standing solitary and strong she makes me smile and already I see her on the glass table in my living room. There’s a playfulness and defiance in the sweep of her hair and she needs to come home with me. I pace the gallery.  I start to rationalise a potential purchase. I consider how much money I saved by not going away for Easter and the frugal plan to cut out coffee and cake this week… I’m at the counter and she’s being wrapped and I’ve forgotten the mushrooms.

The Red Head by Ann-Maree Gentile


At home she graces my coffee table and she’s gorgeous! I smile every time I walk past and think how lucky I am to be able to fill my life with beautiful things and lovely people.

Michael Parker is a talented artist and he also owns the Stony Creek Gallery on the edge of town as you enter Daylesford. His new space, in the main street  is definitely worth a visit and then head up to Stony Creek for a second stop on your art tour..  Along with some fine paintings and ceramics there are the extraordinary furniture pieces, lighting and even dinnerware..all unique and beautifully designed. Let’s take a walk around…. Here are some art works that caught my eye……….

In the centre of the gallery is this beautiful dining table set with exquisite pieces of dinner and glassware. All are examples of fine design as well as having a utilitarian function. Imagine entertaining friends at this table!

Michael’s paintings have a gentleness and whimsy to them. They tread lightly on the earth and I really enjoy their lightness and his talent. Below is House on a Hill by Michael Parker.

There’s so much to see in this gallery…what about the polar bear chair (see feature image) for a cold winters night? I’d be fighting my cat to get seated…a touch crazy but nice! (Thank you crazy people artists for bringing your talent and imagination to  this mushroom buyer!)


There’s so much more. Time stands still as you wander the well displayed exhibits and dream. For me good art awakens possibilities and opens the heart. It’s a privilege to be surrounded by beautiful things. The Michael Parker gallery is a good starting point for such an experience…………

Images by Nora Vitins with thanks to the Michael Parker gallery

24 April 2019 | Arts

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