Design Trends- Lights, Luxe & Hanging Things

Having decided to stay put rather than move house I’m treating myself to a design upgrade and hit the stores for inspiration this week. What’s trending out there? What ideas can I pilfer? What would work for me, my lifestyle and my taste? Three trends stand out in the world of interiors 2019……..


Gone are the days of the single light globe with a rice paper shade..or the glass chandelier, depending on your taste.  Lots of lights, groups of lights and big lights are the trend. This makes sense…buy more say the lighting companies..its on trend…

But some of them are rather beautiful. Big metallic sphere’s glisten above a dining table.  The table is marble, chairs are curved and velvet…all very luxurious and bling, You deserve Hollywood!

Table lamps are also a focus point in the room

The Petal Lamp

Detail, romanticism, escapism…we can all pretend to be celebrities!


The glamour age continues. Velvets, metallics, mirrored surfaces, fur and feathers. We love single velvet lounger sized chairs and glass that sparkles. Blues are everywhere. Especially in the bedroom.

Layer upon layer of texture, tone and light. Bedrooms are boudoirs. Bold, sensuous and evocative of a life beyond the ordinary. when you enter the boudoir the dishes and the kids’ soccer are left behind!

The celebrity narrative continues……..In the evening we dress in our bare shoulder gowns and drink a cocktail in our  blue velvet lounge( with fabric samples!)


Or perhaps the pared back puce velvet….

Somehow, after a day of gardening and the mud of winter, Gracie cat and I think this may be a little much in our country cottage.

Hanging Things

…………… and then there’s the infatuation with hanging things. Yes the 70’s are back so get out the crochet hook and coat hangers and buy in to the artisan look. The stores are full of hanging things. We see the return of hanging plants in macrame holders. We see macrame wall hangings and basket woven lights and natural fabrics and materials like bamboo.

The plants are plastic but the intention is pure. For $150 you can buy yourself a plastic hanging basket that needs no care and will never sort of indoor gardening. Remember spider plants… they’re back! And those outdoor rooms are THE place for an extensive collection of hanging things!

So what will I buy for my revitalise/ update/ renovation project?  Nothing so far. Perhaps new pale grey carpet for my TV lounge in the loft. A central island bench for the kitchen area is on order. Oh but I did come home with a new rubbish bin! Brushed sliver (on trend), pedal bin with a soft close lid…now that’s Luxe.!








20 August 2019 | Life-Style

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