Celebrate Our Birthday.. Walk Down Memory Lane with Viva70!

Hi Everyone!

After a well-earned rest we’re back and it’s our second birthday! Yey! Happy Birthday to all our readers, subscribers, contributors and dear friends.

Two years ago,  with a heart full of excitement and fear I pressed PUBLISH on my first article sending it out into the stratosphere, expecting the worst of online trolling, harsh critique and or even worse…….. gut-wrenching silence.

The last year or so has been challenging and bumpy for everyone. There’s not too much to write about for a lifestyle mag. when your lifestyle consists of lockdown, sourdough cooking and endless Netflix! Press Repeat! But we’re all here and of course my worst fears about Viva 70 hitting the digital ocean way back in 2019 were unfounded fears.

I am SO glad I took the step to create Viva70 and I’ll continue to reshape and reimagine what our little community can be. Thank you everyone for travelling with me and the very kind people who contribute to our conversation with their writing, comments and just being here.

This month’s edition is different to many others. We travel down memory lane and revisit a tiny selection of the wonderful articles we’ve published over the past two years. It was a wonderful exercise to read through so many great stories. You may have missed some of the articles or simply enjoy revisiting such fine stories. So this is an invitation. Get yourself a cuppa or a glass of wine, find your quiet place and enjoy our travel…….  along memory lane. In weeks to come there’ll be new articles and stories but I’ll also re-publish some of the great contributions made by our friends of Viva 70.

Thank you everyone.. let’s keep the conversations flowing into the future and together we can squeeze every joyful minute out of the years ahead..

Nora xx

Thanks to Glen Hann for the feature image

19 February 2021 | Life-Style


  1. Well indeed Happy Birthday Viva70! Just fantastic (but hard to believe) that 2 years in the making have passed.
    Good on you Nora for sticking it out there and having such a symbolic warming come back with a soft tread down memory lane.
    It feels good like a familiar comfy old chair, that Viva70 snuggles back to remind one just how heartwarming and
    positive the whole vibe is that you bring to the table!
    Welcome back and keep up the great effort darling. And what’s not to love with that birthday pic of those furbabies, heh!
    Hugs all round……x

    1. Thanks Al…you’ve been one of our biggest supporters and a great friend. Yes we head off into the future with more stories and arms stretched across the world. I’m so hoping to convince you to write for us again soon. Your article was the most commented on and a real winner…and you have so much to write about positive ageing. …Unpack those boxes, hang those paintings and when you’re bored with swimming in the pool PLEASE write for us again…..Big hugs and sincere thanks

  2. Nora dear, while sipping my morning coffee I opened my iPad and it was with joy that I saw that a new Viva blog had arrived. Thank you dear sister for sending your thoughts, creative ideas and humour around the world. Congratulations on your second anniversary. Stay safe and keep that creative energy flowing – much love Inge

    1. Hi Sisco
      Thank you so much for your precious support. Yes onwards we go with new conversations, stories, hopes and dreams. Viva70 began as a possible business and a learning curve about being an INFLUENCER….. 2 years down the track I have realised I’m no Khardasian and this is NOT a business. I’ve found something more precious… a community of people across the world who share ideas, write articles and inspire important conversations about ageing well. There will also be a legacy of a body of work of this community. So let’s keep creating together! Thanks Sisco..your support matters HEAPS!

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