Bearable Pain by Robert Mierisch

When unexpected illness hits we are often lost in its fear and feelings of vulnerability. For some, the light described by Rumi may not enter until the illness has passed over us. Around this theme Robert Mierisch offers this reflection………….

Bearable Pain

Feeling pain is so isolating.

Still others have suffered much more.

Just holding on is so distressing,

and brings guilt.

So many lives have been torn,

At least this pain can be born.


My carer’s presence floods emotions.

Tears are falling to the floor.

Distress is fading thanks to potions.

There’s that guilt.

Others suffering is so much worse,

My pain seems an easy curse.

Robert Charles Mierisch 

Written during my recovery from Q Fever. It was contracted by exposure, without vaccination, on a consulting job at a pet food factory in Albury in Australia.  I returned to part time work after three months and full time work after five months.

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21 May 2019 | Arts

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