Weekly Rap – August 9th, 2019


I hope you’ve had a great week. In Mebourne we’re having a particularly stormy, cold weekend with snow predicted!… but a great time to catch up on Viva70 articles……… now 140 of them Wherever you are in the world, we hope you enjoy the new series of articles about love, dating and relationships in older age. So many times when I edit the articles I think that the content is really not age specific and there is always advice that transcends age and gender. This week’s article on relationships is a good example. We’ve  got some great stories coming up so I do hope you’ll leave comments. There’s also a big 70 birthday article which was a lot of fun to write.

I was talking with a friend about creative work- writing, painting and drawing and photography in particular and how sometimes there’s a creative magic that just happens…it’s so easy to write…the words just have to spill out. It’s as though they have a life of their own and there’s an avalanche of creative output. At other times it’s a slow dirge, an uphill climb and a splutter of disconnected twaddle. …hopefully not evident this week!

This is one of my favourite photos…memories of Scotland………..enjoy the journey! May the path lead to your hopes and dreams.


9 August 2019 | Life-Style


    1. Hi Adrienne…Thanks for the comment..This is Glendale, Skye… the path to the Neist Point Lighthouse.. it was such a beautiful walk… There were sheep all around and I picked up a scrag of sheep’s wool stuck to some bracken.. I love the smell of lanolin…this was in May…. last week I put on my shoes and was walking around- they felt a little tighter and lumpy…inside my shoe was the sheep’s wool from Skye…..

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