Weekly Rap – August 2nd, 2019

She pours with rain as I sit in my cosy cottage, cat purring and darkness starting to fall at 5pm. But…it’s the last month of winter here in central Vic. and I’m done with Christmas in July and thick woolly clothes. This week’s rap looks at books and podcasts. Next week  I head up to sunny Brisbane and 24 degrees for a short-break where I embrace salads and seafood and denounce root vegetables!

Rudolf Nureyev

Around the traps this week I saw “White Crow” a film about Rudolf Nureyev’s defection from the Kirov ballet to the West. Not bad. Look at the photograph of Nureyev…….. Isn’t he magnificent?! Check out the review.

Books to Explore…

I also romped around a Carlton bookstore and found numerous ways to spend money..but I didn’t..Here’s what a would have bought…..

Monty Don has always inspired garden design and I enjoyed his Italian garden shows. This book on Japanese gardens would look nice on my coffee table. Retrosuburbia looks great. A book about recycling, re-purposing, repairing and downsizing..living sustainably. The cover photo is endearing and a good cover shot always attracts my attention. Finally one of my favourite Melbourne artists was the effervescent Mirka Mora. This is a beautiful book about her life and art. I will buy this one day soon.


I’ve been thinking about doing some podcasts… only thinking at this stage. Do you listen to them? Which one’s would you recommend? Please let us know in the comments box below..just make a list…. I met Jarrod Pickford at the local Bloggers network and he makes Podcasts and they’re great. The Daylesford Podcast is a weekly rap with stories of local people doing interesting things. He’s also done The Hitchhiker series of podcasts which was his travels in Australia with a dash of local characters he met along the way. Hmmm.. there might be something in this Podcast hype!

Jarrod Pickford, The Daylesford Podcast, Me, Anthony Spiteri who features on the recent podcast

Neilson researched the top podcasts of 2019. There are 700,000 currently available! These are the top 5 of what baby boomers are listening to

  1. Stuff You Should know- odd ball interesting topics- Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant eg How Junk food works- entertaining and informative
  2. Planet Money– over 800 episodes about $$, economics eg Ep, 826- Is top shelf vodka better than the cheap stuff?
  3. Criminal– crime stories eg what happens when a man uses a ” how to kill” manual to actually kill someone…mmm think I’ll skip this one….
  4. This American life- arts and culture, funny, touching and unique vignettes about everyday life in USA- 2.5 million people download it each week
  5. The Moth- lives of everyday people..similar to Ted Talks in format. Storytelling.

I’m going to check out the wold of podcasting so any suggestions welcome.

That’s all for this week…Have a good one



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