Weekly Rap – August 23rd, 2019

What was the famous line out of Forrest Gump… Life is like a box of chocolates…….?  I hope your Strawberry Delights outweighed the Salted Caramels this week. Keeping the metaphor going here are a few tasters you may want to follow up

Ben Quilty

A stunning exhibition of this Australian artist’s work is showing at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Quilty uses art as social commentary. He was an official war artist in Afghanistan and contributed extensively to the campaign to save the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, two of the convicted Bali Nine. His art has won a number of prizes including the Archibald prize for portraiture. This is the only exhibition where I sat before a painting and howled, while pretending to be coughing and sneezing. Other patrons gave me wide berth that day.

Captain S, after Afghanistan 2012

His painting is raw. The paint thickly layered and explosive. The energy and anger in his work are consuming to those who stop and really look. If you walk into a Ben Quilty painting, languid, you’ll walk out with ants running in your veins.

The Pink Dress. 2016 shows a woman in a pretty dress. Take a close look at her face- the curve of her mouth and those unsmiling eyes. A haunted look, distant in contrast to the pretty pink dress.

Then there’s Quilty’s painting of Myuran 2012. After quilty finished his work in Afghanistan he visited Kerobokan prison in Bali to meet Myuran Sukumaran who was convicted of drug smuggling. Quilty taught him how to paint and over the next two years became his teacher, mentor and friend. When the execution of Andrew Chan and Sukumaran  appeared imminent, Quilty became the public face and principal organiser of the  campaign to save their lives.  Unfortunately the executions went ahead but Quilty has demonstrated tirelessly the ability of art to mobilse and influence public opinion.

Ageing? Yes Please!

A friend sent me a wonderful article published in the Guardian  (Tuesday 20th August) about the positive aspects of ageing. It’s called, Why doesn’t one ever tell you how brilliant ageing can be? by Suzanne Moore

A wonderfully funny article  with quotes like.  I am not ” in” this body. I am this body. Waist or no waist, and another quote from Ursula Le Guin  Erase my age, you erase my life – me.

Moore discusses menopause as a time of reinvention and change. She calls ageing a process of editing. We edit our homes and downsize. We edit our friendships and keep the truly positive and important ones. We edit how we want to live. Do you really want to go to a restaurant where every ingredient has been cooked five clever ways?  Ageing gives space for new things and habits and time is there to waste if you want too.  A great article, worth a follow up. check my Facebook link on  Viva70.com

Frocks and shifts and more dresses

My passion for fashion can be indulged next week as I head into Melbourne for a few days and take in events as part of Melbourne fashion Week.  Then there a fantastic Victoria and Albert collection of Balenciaga fashion currently showing at the Bendigo Art Gallery – a must do trip… stay tuned

Have a great week!



23 August 2019 | Life-Style

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