Weekly Rap – July 19th

My week started with lunch at a local winery with friends…not a bad opening to a soggy week in Central Victoria! One of the joys of starting Viva70 is meeting so many new people doing interesting things. Graeme Leith is owner of Passing Clouds Winery, a wine maker, screen writer, published author and a teller of great jokes. I’m trying to entice him to write for Viva for no compensation except a bottle of wine at Christmas!…the negotiations continue but I’m optimistic. I’m loving his book, Passing Clouds- A Winemaker’s Journey. 

Care- Giving

I’m hoping to open a conversation this week about the carer role and how we can best care for ageing and sick loved ones.  I coordinate the medical and care needs for a family member with dementia. Navigating different agencies and their conflicting requirements, quite apart from the needs of our family member is a task requiring patience, assertiveness and resilience. Let’s chat about this often undiscussable topic.

This photo came across my screen this week…

And this ladies and gentlemen is how a 90 year old spends her day! Such a wonderful photo!


On the bright side I’ve just booked a brief trip to Brisbane in a couple of weeks to find a few days of sun, check out the art & food scene and catch up with friends. It’s amazing how seeing flight details in my calendar has lifted me out of mid winter fug…yes fug and fog….!

Guardian Geese

The geese of Lake Daylesford have hit the pages of the Guardian newspaper. Our council is voting about whether the geese should be removed as they are “intimidating tourists” but, saya the Guardian,  our local polies are worried about a social media backlash. The Guardian must find geese more interesting than climate change, art and culture, ageing, housing, press freedom or children in detention. PS Council has voted……. clearly fearless in the face of social media…..the geese will be removed!

Have a great week Please send photos, snippets and stories…….




16 July 2019 | Living Well


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