This is your chance to write one article or 70 and be part of the VIVA70 team. One of the aims of this mag. is to encourage people to do things that they have always wanted to do but never got around to doing…writing is one of these activities.  We all have stories to tell so get in touch using the the contact link at the bottom of the page. We love hearing the voices of men and women over 50 living well in later years. We’d love to hear about your life and plans for the future.

Here are some FAQ’s

Will I get paid?

No sorry- we can’t compensate you because we don’t make any money. A subscription to Viva70 is free and we want to keep it that way. But we can offer you an opportunity to see your writing published. We have a very kind and engaged community of around 1,000 readers hitting the site each week. We ( also have pages on Facebook and Instagram. If you like making videos there’s also a YOU TUBE channel. Our writers seem to enjoy the creative process of writing. They see their work respected and enhanced with professional images that add to their story.

What do I write about?

Our 3 main areas are

 Living Well ( life coaching, examples of people doing interesting things, money, business, wellness, fitness, ageing, pets,  relationships, family)

Arts (book and film reviews, poetry, music, concerts, plays, art, architecture, design)

Lifestyle (travel, house and garden design, interior design, fashion and styling)

Our current themes are particularly about

  1. People writing about transitions in their older years ( over 50!) this could be sea change tree change, setting up new businesses, grand-parenting, living in another country, taking up a new sport or hobby, getting fit or dealing with illness
  2. HOME- where do you live? whats special about the town you live in? why do you live there?
  3. Fitness, food and health and wellness- huge gaps here and we definitely people to write in these areas- share your favourite recipes! Talk about your walking/ hikes you’ve done or why Tai Chi works for you
  4. Travel- is always of huge interest to our readers- short trips, day trips as well as big adventures

How long do articles have to be? Do I need photos?

Articles are 300-1,000 words long written in a word document. We use 3-4 photos per article. If you have photos please attach them as Jpeg files. We can source photos if you don’t have any. Privacy is something we care about so we don’t like to print photos of your family or anyone who hasn’t given permission for their image to be shared. We love printing a photo of you though and a short 3-4 line bio. about who you are!

Do you edit my writing?

As much as possible we  keep your voice authentic and we do not edit your words. The exception is if the article is too long or if we need to make the meaning easy to understand. We always try to show you any edits before publication. Edits are kept to an absolute minimum.

What’s the next step?

Contact us with your idea using the contact link below or email

21 June 2019 | Living Well

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