The Computer Says NO!

Week Two of Lock Down…that’s my computer not me……My very aged and flamboyant computer decided to kick up its heels and check out two weeks ago. I’m very clear where my passions and skills lie.. and computer technology doesn’t appear in this list. They say there’s an experience in ever simple moment of life..its true…

So to my closest regional city I head to buy a new computer. I’ve done my research and I know the model and price I want to pay. I’m excited. This will be fun, until I look at the empty shelves. It seems the whole human race descended on Ballarat to buy a new computer. There are 3 models available and all over $3,000. Corona era shopping is not fun and I need this computer today. Four stores later there’s a model that will work and I cradle my precious cargo as I walk to the car. A man comes rushing towards me. He’s tall, well built and wearing a hoodie. ” Scuse me.. is that a computer? Where did you get it? Have they got stock on the shelves?” My instinct is to run but my logical brain trips me up. I wave in the direction of the store and mumble something nervously. ” Oh great thanks. I need one today and I can’t get one anywhere.” Not a mugger’s smile.

The next step is to find a kind, patient and talented IT specialist who can install all the software, set up all the email addresses and links to make it easy for me to manipulate photos and text to produce VIVA 70 each week. Again in the New World, IT workers are the new gods of industry but eventually I find a great guy who squeezes me into his schedule and a few days later I pick up the new sparkly computer with a basic installation done. But there’s still the webpage and all its links to set up so yesterday I  meet my web designer to enable this functionality. We meet on the verandah of his house as he’s working from home. A bottle of hand sanitiser sits squarely on the table before us and he enables the webpage. We laugh at this new world of commerce as we cleanse our hands and all the surfaces.

Well we’re nearly there but not quite. There are still some kinks to iron out and another visit to the IT hero next week. But I am able to write and download photos so next week heralds the big return to the world of Viva 70. Stay well my friends. Not long now and we’ll be back together again, visiting galleries and hugging family. Until then armed with hand sanitizer and wipes, we creep into the world and get dressed up in full make up to buy mushrooms at the supermarket and call it a big day out! What a weird world! Stay well my friends.

1 May 2020 | Life-Style

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