Take The Exercise Pill Instead

It’s 4 degrees outside and torrential rain. The mist won’t clear today and the valley is beautifully shrouded in winter’s cloak of icy fog. It’s great if you’re cosy inside the house looking out. There is absolutely nothing to recommend going ” Out There.” Instead I wandered the internet. I came across this TED talk from a geriatrician about exercise being the most important key to successful ageing. ….as if we didn’t know exercise is important! But it’s a great clip and worth a look. Why?

  • The first image of two 80 year old people has stayed in my mind for days now. Image 1: A man is lying on the beach tanned, muscled, agile, flexible. The contrast is another 80 year old. A woman who doesn’t have the muscle strength to get out of the bath alone. She needs a carer. It’s a powerful beginning to this talk about ageing well.
  • The clip is full of great information and latest research from twins studies and answers questions like- How much do genes play a part in ageing well? How much exercise do I need to do? How does exercise change the brain? Can exercise support pain management?

It’s still pouring with rain so I’m heading upstairs to do a pilates session with an online program I’ve bought for those rainy days. Check out the clip..Its good!


3 July 2020 | Living Well

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