Stylish Interiors with Evelyn Wilfling

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”  said Billy Baldwin, an American interior designer. Over the next weeks we’ll peek into the very different homes of our VIVA creative friends, to understand how lifestyle, design and individual character come together.

This week we go on a home tour of Edy and Evelyn Wilfling’s beachside apartment. I can’t remember a time when I visited a new home of this couple and didn’t feel overjoyed and awestruck by the creativity, boldness and talent of this creative duo. Edy says he just makes Evelyn’s ideas happen but what I see is the energy and shared passion of this couple in transforming their home to reflect who they are and how they want to live.

Evelyn and Edy are not professional interior designers. Their careers have taken them into the very different areas of sales, business coaching and  project management. Yet they create homes with an eye for detail, balance and they see opportunities to shape a space with flair and imagination. They also are budget conscious and enjoy discovering pre-loved treasures in markets and on ebay. At Viva 70 these are the adventurous people we seek out and showcase. It’s relatively easy to employ an interior designer and with a hefty budget curate a look that has the WOW factor. Much more interesting is the artistry of creating spaces that meet lifestyle needs on a budget. This is a home for living in, entertaining and simply enjoying.

We shot a series of four videos on style- fashion styling and home styling with Evelyn and Edy and they will be available on the VIVA 70 website and YouTube Channel starting next week.

This article is just a taster- an appetiser of what is to come..let’s check out their apartment.

It’s not a large apartment. Two bedrooms, one bathroom and built in 1970’s  and originally with small rooms and a separate kitchen. The first job was to create an open integrated living space. The walls were knocked down to give a feeling of space with the kitchen running along the length of the living area. Built in cabinetry creates storage and a sparkling white finish adds to the overall lightness. The kitchen area is modern, minimalist with electrical appliances hidden behind doors. But the living area is far from minimal. one complements the other.

Layered into the space is a leather Chesterfield sofa, an oak barrel bar area, an alfresco space, Balinese statutes and a large dining table. This couple loves to entertain and their home welcomes guests with vitality and boldness. There’s nothing timid here. Evelyn’s energy and zest for life shines in every corner.

Take a look at the bathroom.

The monochromatic look is textured with the patterned tiles, the warmth of the wooden flooring and use of plants to give energy. It’s a beautiful and functional space. The feature mirror is simply stunning!

The alfresco area is a piece de resistance! It’s shown in the feature photo for this article. It’s a place for conversations, evening drinks and informal dining.

Mirrors and Balinese artefacts mix with fur rugs and throws. The zebra print sofas WOW!

This is a vibrant and exciting space. In the evening it transforms into a calm and sensuous atmosphere in candle glow and with subdued lighting. The elements though eclectic, work together. They collaborate as different colours, textures and forms into an integrated whole. This is not a curated collection of designer items. It’s the expression of the joyful partnership of a couple who enjoy the adventure of seeking out pieces, refashioning and placing them in the narrative of their home.


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18 February 2019 | Life-Style

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