Stylish Collecting in Your Home

Do you have spaces in your home that are collections of decorator items?  These could be small spaces, niches and shelving that call out to be home for beautiful things.  Sometimes it’s a collection of memories, a blend of colours, items juxtaposed to provide balance of colour, shape and texture.  Or perhaps your home has uncluttered corners where you take in grand views and feel expansive and open to the world? Most of us have some books, photographs, collections from travel, artwork or cushions. Are they randomly scattered or curated into a collection around a theme, a functional need or a colour scheme? Do you collections give you and others a sense of joy and a pleasure in seeing beautiful things?

“I’m an interior designer from the soul. It’s not about just putting things in a room. It’s much deeper and broader. It’s about self- discovery.” Alexandra Stoddard

Home design is a very personal expression of who we are- our values, what’s important to us and how we choose to live our lives. Particularly in older age our homes become a social place to receive family and friends. Our homes are a resting place to heal the soul and rest our joints after a hard day of gardening. They house our collected memories and the treasures sourced as we travel through life.

It’s a good time to look into the corners and spaces of your home and see how you can display these collections so they evoke happiness and an expression of who you are at this stage of your life.

“I prefer living in colour” said David Hockney. I do too! But my home has quiet spaces of subdued colour as well as colour responses to the seasons. It’s autumn now so the pinks and pastels in my living room have been replaced by burgundy rugs and cushions and fur throws.  My cottage has a French provincial feel and while this is the overall theme it allows for a range of design options.  As I climb down the stairs in the morning I walk past my collection of paintings by local artists. Vibrant, powerful colour and a stirring reminder to make the most of this day. There’s the galley kitchen with its open shelving that displays a platter from Portugal, a ceramic cottage sign from Canterbury and there’s an island cupboard made by a local craftsman. Easy to access, even coffee mugs become decorator items on open shelving.

In my sitting room there’s a cluster of photographs- prints of Richard Avedon’s women series. So beautiful. I look at the faces of Patti Smith, a refugee woman and the sculptor, Louisa Nevelson and I never tire of the strength and the beauty of these black and white photographs.

Richard Avedon (print)

Whether its a nook under the stairs that can house cookery books or a stack of art books on a rich fabric ottoman there is order, not clutter in a curated collection.

Take a look around your home. Is it time to reorganise and reinvent your collections? Check out some of the resources below or on Youtube if you need inspiration.

22 April 2019 | Life-Style

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