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Hi Everyone!

The days are getting longer here in Oz and spring is definitely in the air. What’s happening in your life? I hope whatever shape it takes you are feeling good about the way you are spending these very special years.

It’s been a week of 9/11 memorials and narratives retold. Hurricane Dorian has lashed its way through Barbados and bushfires rage in the Amazon forest and here in Queensland. Layer in drought, Trump, Brexit and international posturing.  The news is distressing as I sit in the comfort of my home and tune in to my gratitude.

The Great Distraction is always a creative pursuit and some hard physical work in the garden as well as times of reflection. It’s a time for frippery and focus on creating the calm, happy haven that my home has always been. Spring is the time to welcome family events, celebrate milestones and open the doors to friends with a sparkle and vitality unknown to winter. And that’s what I’ve been doing. The Great Distraction of home decoration is alive and well in Daylesford town. So get ready for the softness of pillows and prettiness of summer florals….gravitas has  left town this month!

Styling your bed

That’s right let’s really get into the meaning of life…How many pillows do you have on your bed? Is your bed colour co-ordinated? Do you care about the quality of your sheets or mattress? Do you style your bed just like you style what you wear? Do you change the look of your bed in summer and winter?

In my whirlwind redecoration I’ve had a very push pale grey carpet laid in the upstairs loft area, think TV room and main bedroom. Suddenly it’s very quiet and luxurious up there. But the bed looks ” eclectic” and very shabby but not chic. Its still cold here so not ready to put the winter quilt away. The Belgian linen duvet cover in a warm russet colour is still lovely and the white Egyptian cotton sheets are versatile, so I need ideas. How do you Dress a bed on a budget?  I hit the stores and here’s what’s trending…..

Navy blue has hit the interior magazines and the stores. The texture of fur, chenille, and wool are everywhere. Crisp white and blue look elegant and stylish. Pattern and more pattern are everywhere as accents or as the main game.


Greys and pale pinks are still a feature and I love the soft look of this colour combo. There are some beautiful fabrics using natural fibres like cotton and linen. Stores like West Elm stock beautiful bed linen but it can be pricey. Seek outlet stores, buy on line or wait for sales. H & M homewares are inexpensive and worth a look. The linen bedware is not of the quality of Belgium or French linen but its very good and affordable. I love natural fibres because I don’t overheat in bed… a left over from menopausal days!


My bed zhoosh is still a work in progress. white sheets, russet linen duvet cover, a deep midnight blue “fur” throw, silver thread cushions and navy pattern feature cushions……..Ho Hum….

Living Well Series of articles

I’ve been very busy with a new series you articles which show cases people in the 50 plus age group who are living well in their later years.  Over the next 3-4 months I’ll be inviting people to take a snap-shot of their current lives by answering 3 Big Questions….

  1. Describe your current life-  what are the things you enjoy doing? What are the challenges older age brings, if any?
  2. What are the things that are still on your bucket list?”
  3. What advice about ageing well would you give your younger self?

I’m interviewing people about their lives in older age with a particular focus on the very different ways we make sense of life in these years.  I’ll also be circulating these questions to people I know. If you’d like to respond that would be great. Just answer these questions and provide a selfie and that’s it! Easy peasy………

We want some positive role models of ageing and there are thousands of people out there who even with many challenges are able to construct very interesting and satisfying lives. Finding a purpose, finding meaning and wringing out every ounce of life’s energy as we age is a challenge but people all around us are doing this…so how do they do it? That’s the Living Well project. By gathering a large collection of examples of older people living well I’m hoping to publish a book next year of photographs and selected stories around this theme.  You can contribute as a couple or solo……

What do you think? would you like to be involved? It would be great if you’d share in the conversation is my email


I’m Reading…..

Two great books at once. Everything in Its Place: First loves & Last Tales by Oliver Sacks is a collection of his essays published after his death. It’s a beautiful collection of his writing gathered in clusters around themes like First Loves, Clinical Tales and Life Continues. His brilliant mind and work as a neurologist and writer seeps on to every page and its an extraordinary read. From a description of brain surgery without anaesthetic to ageing stories and love stories, this book will enthral.

Andrew Sean Greer won the Pullizer prize last year for Less, a story of a failed novelist about to turn fifty. Arthur Less  decides to shake up his life by accepting invitations to weird literary events around the world with some very funny consequences…. as I said, escapism is my main game at the moment!

That’s it for this month’s snippets. Thanks for supporting Viva 70..It means a lot to me…. Nora


13 September 2019 | Life-Style

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