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Hi Everyone!

I hope your days are joyful and full of adventure. Is it fall where you are? I’m seeing photos of russet leaves and even snow appearing on Instagram. Here in Oz the days are longer, the sun smiles more often and there’s a new energy in the air. Do you celebrate Halloween? How do you celebrate? What do you do? It’s a mystery to me. I see stores full of plastic pumpkins and ghoulish dress ups. It’s not for me I’m afraid. Perhaps when gorgeous granddaughter is older? Each year I buy a bag of assorted mini chocolate bars just in case some kids come trick-or treating at my front door. They never seem to come this far..perhaps its the big hill they have to climb….. so I’ve just been treating myself!

What’s been happening this month?

School kids lead the way in action on climate change

Who’ll forget the  angry words of Greta Thunberg addressing the  UN Climate Action Summit in New York. Our kids have been demonstrating in the streets and it was a joyful scene to see many older people walking alongside the younger generation. I’ve been thinking about what I can do “in my back yard” to act greener and be more conscious of the climate implications of my actions… how to be a good global citizen. What do you do about this issue? I’ve certainly been buying less packaged vegetables and meat. Steering away from plastic where I can and buying less full stop. I read labels more. I’m horrified when I read the labels of so-called ” organic” or ” earth friendly” cleaning agents and  find in them a cocktail of chemicals.

Big issue- think global, act local. I’m still learning and adapting….fast!

Wellness Week

When did you last have a week of pampering yourself? What do you enjoy most- a massage, juices, a work-out at the gym?

I’ve taken the giant step of declaring this week My Wellness Week. After a very busy month, a nagging back injury and just feeling drained I have decided to be kind to myself. I was given a voucher for a massage by a very kind friend who must have seen the bedraggled state I was in. Some fresh juices every day, cut out sugar, daily gentle exercise, a good diet, a mini break at the beach, a facial and massage and I’m feeling rather great! Try it. Two words came into my mind after a particularly big week… START NOW…not tomorrow.. right this minute.

The focus is just on living well today….not worrying about how I’ll manage the party on Sunday or the Friday night craving for potato chips! Just eat well today. We deserve it.

Julia, the medical herbalist from Yorkshire who writes wonderful columns for Viva 70 recently wrote about sleep. Check it out if you missed it under the Living Well section. I can report that since I’ve adopted some of the strategies suggested by Julia I have been sleeping like a teenager!

Book worth a Look

I’m really enjoying Gotta Get Theroux This by Louis Theroux.  His goggled eyed, affable but slightly naive persona as an interviewer is a puzzle. Is he really like this or is it a well polished character he plays when interviewing Neo -Nazi’s, Swingers, prisoners in San Quentin, Pimps and Jimmy Saville, the UK radio and TV celebrity who Theroux became friends with. After his death there were 450 allegations of child abuse against Saville which were confirmed by a police investigation.

It’s a curious book because I end up not really liking the man (Louis Theroux)who I have enjoyed as a comedic interviewer when I  have watched nearly all his TV shows. There is something a little dark about his interest in the people who live in the underbelly of life. I’ve still got 50 pages to go so I’m hoping I can find the  key to this complex person. But I’m enjoying the autobiographical account because Theroux is such a complex character and he does write Very well… I’ve started a list of Theroux phrases such as ” febrile creativity” and ” anarchic humour.” Nice.

50 Faces: 50 Lives

I’m super excited by the interviews I’m doing for the 50 Faces 50 Lives series of articles. We’re meeting such wonderful people who in their 60’s through to late 80’s are living well in their older age. Viva 70 was built on the idea of presenting positive and diverse role models of  mean and women ageing well in their later years.  You’ll find the articles under the Living Well section of the magazine.

So far I’ve published

Ivan- the 84 year old running a gardening service for old and needy people

Valentine- a  fit and healthy stylish woman fine food cook

Adrienne- who has travelled and hiked her way in Africa, India, across Australia, UK and most of Europe

Myself- My 70th Birthday life review article!

Markie- this week we bring you the lovely story of a transgender woman who came out in her 70’s

Yet to come

  • a man who built a world class winery and business
  • a woman who is a professional jazz musician
  • a woman who is an activist and engaged in multiple community programs in her 70’s
  •  an artist in his 80’s living with serious illness and enjoying each day of his life

and many more…….

I just love the KISS AND RIDE photo sent in by Vanessa! Also our feature pic of Iris Apfel, aged 98!

If you have any snippets send them through – we’d love to share them..Nora x

15 October 2019 | Life-Style

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