Snippets in May

It’s May! Already! These items were stored in my snippets folder this month… must share…..

Laugh or Giggle

If you thought toilet paper was crazy just wait until 300 million people all want a hair-cut appointment

This quarantine made me realise that I have no hobbies except going out to eat and spending money

I’ve spent 2 weeks hanging out with myself and I am so sorry to every person I have ever spent time with!

When my mother was 68 she started walking 5 miles a day. Now she’s 82 and we have no idea where she is!

Wealthy Forced to do Housework!

So along with deaths and illness the real dilemma facing London is that ” the help” is self isolating and rich people don’t have butlers and housekeepers during the Corona Virus pandemic…(except for Elizabeth Hurley who is “self isolating” with 9 of her closest in her Gloucestershire country estate.) In a report from London, Lucy Challenger CEO of Polo and agency for butlers, nannies and ” help” has launched a e-learning classes in such advanced skills as ironing, wardrobe management and cleaning. All units will be tested, graded and a certificate issued.

“Clients can speak to trainers one on one for more tailored advice, such as how to clean their chandeliers. “ Challenger says.

It’s a real disaster…  “People are having to launder, iron and fold for the first time and everyone wants to know how to keep a house clean. If you have 30 bedrooms it can take months!”

I’m really struggling to be compassionate here!

Travel…take me anywhere!

Ben Groundwater is a travel writer with The Age newspaper and I enjoyed his article reminding himself and the readers, that we are so privileged to be able to travel and the sheer joy of standing passport in hand in a queue at the airport anticipating the next adventure.  It’s a Facebook thing to post your ten favourite travel places. Which would you choose? Among my choices were the three images above- when the time is right my first stop will be my annual spring trip to Northern Tasmania and then the long haul back to Europe.

The Head-on Photo Festival

An online exhibition program Head On has free online workshops and talks programs and is fantastic. There’s also a section called The Art of Ageing, nude and boudoir photos of women over 70 by Canadian photographer, Arianne Clement. An excellent site and worth a wander.

Visit for more.

A Role Model of Ageing

My bandwagon about positive images of ageing is getting a lot of use in this pandemic. We are all different and ageing now spans up to 30 plus years of our lives say 60-90 plus, so there’s huge variation in what older people do and how they live. Being more vulnerable in this pandemic is a fact for older people but I love the irony that in Australia Professor Peter Doherty, at 79 years of age and head of the Doherty  Institute for Infection and Immunity is regularly interviewed for his expertise in this field of research. If ever there was an example of  an older person being an active participant and contributor to society its this man. I love his straight talking approach, his wisdom and his incredible mind.

Professor Peter Doherty.

14 May 2020 | Life-Style

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