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A friend and I met for coffee the other day and I told him about my idea for a “Snippets” column……. A monthly column of interesting bits and pieces that we bump into as we adventure through our daily lives. He liked it and we began brainstorming ideas. Perhaps you’d like to join us by sharing your snippets!


I took this photo on my drive through the countryside near my home  en route to a busy day in Melbourne.  I stopped, stepped out of the car, breathed the crisp air and let myself feel the  tendrils of cold while I took in the beauty of a winter landscape. I really took the time to look at the shapes of trees stripped bare. Notice the tones of silver, rust and hints of green. I felt the cold and smelled the wet musty soil. Then I tried to capture the beauty of that moment. A precious interlude in an otherwise busy week. Note to self- must stop car more often!


Last weekend was the first catch up since my one month sojourn overseas. Friends and family converged on the beach house with Munchkin granddaughter, aged 16 months the centre of attention. So much happens in her life in one month. New words form, her independence strengthens and she is fearless and confident in the big wide world. Great food, many stories and lots of laughter characterised a wonderful weekend…and I remembered why I live here and the people who matter in my life.

Snuggled around the table, eating a delicious Sunday lunch with family and friends my misfiring brain deduced that this was the perfect setting  to explain to those assembled, my instructions for where my remains were to be scattered after my death. Perfect lunch conversation……. I explained that I wished to be returned to my birthplace. Specifically my ashes should be scattered in the UK. I addressed these instructions to my son, Matthew.  My loved ones just saw this as another eccentric interlude from “The Unfathomable.” There was much laughter and a friend piped up ” Nor, you better give Matt more detail than that. Otherwise a teaspoon full of you will be dumped at Terminal 3 at Heathrow!” That’s why I love my family and friends!


Thursday is my fish day and I collect newly cut salmon from my fish shop and what ever the weather I’d like salad with my fish. A salad that makes use of winter veg? Yes, I made one for tonight’s dinner

Dice, chop or grate the following- Cucumber, Edamame soyabeans, Apples, Broccoli,  Zucchini, Peas, Sugar snap peas, Spinach, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts

Blend the following to make a dressing– Apple Juice, Coriander, Rice vinegar, lime juice, mint, turmeric. ground pimento. garlic, black pepper, a little mustard.

Delicious! If you have any recipes Du Jour please send them through to us……..


There’s great Free to Air TV programming on at the moment ( winter!)  but I’ll do it Catch-up  because…………..There’s a new series of Designated Survivor on Netflix. Series 3 of this political drama still has Keifer Sutherland as the slightly out of place President of the US with his neat Ralph Lauren jumpers and a slightly breathy voice. But the story line is pure escapism as we follow the machinations of his political opponents and forces of evil. This is tempered by intrigue about which of his staff will be caught In flagrante this episode. The story is pacey, the characters beautifully drawn and the cries of “(shock)- Oh No!”  emanating from my sofa during an episode of DS is standard behaviour. I’ve limited myself to one Episode a night…. the cat likes it too!





13 June 2019 | Life-Style

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