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Heat waves in Europe and black frost and floods here in Melbourne. Another month has flown and it’s time to gather some snippets…if you’d like to contribute a paragraph and/or photo please email them


In the UK recently it struck me how companies spent significant time and resources in demonstrating their ethical practice. Marks and Spencer provides wooden cutlery rather than plastic for their take-away food and suggests that you take only what you really need. Construction companies billboard their values and ethical practice on building sites.

Even McDonald’s recycles frying oil to fuel its trucks and advertises their good citizenship on large trucks that zoom around the country. Sustainable fashion and clothing is a draw-card and this movement has traction in the fashion industry.

Where is this more ethical approach to business coming from? Certainly research conducted in 2018 by Deloittes’ globally shows that attracting talent hinges on being able to demonstrate good citizenship. Gen. Y and Millenials want to work for companies who can demonstrate sound ethical brand image. They also want to work in  meaningful jobs that add value to society. A whole branch of the Investment Industry now offers ” Ethical Investment” portfolios and many Baby Boomers and mid-life investors are attracted to this option.

Layer into this scenario the reputational damage currently experienced by Australian Banks following their exposure in the banking Royal Commission. A growing world-wide experience of climate change also adds to a greater awareness and more serious dialogue about the role of business in behaving as good global citizens. It’s a shift in awareness by companies and it’s visible on the streets of the UK.

Are you seeing this trend to ethical branding in your country or state? We’d love to know. Leave your comments below and add to the conversation……


What if you behaved at home like you do when you are on holidays? I’ve decided to spend at least one day a week adventuring. On Sunday I closed the door on painting, renovating and fighting rabid weeds at my home. Instead I saw a music event at the old church on Scrub Hill just outside Ballarat, here in Victoria. Two hours  in a beautiful old church with a lively group of people and 2 duo’s singing their hearts out – Sugar and Spice and Fat Chance. At one stage, the sun peeped through the leaded glass windows as Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah  was being sung by Vanessa from Sugar and Spice. A poignant moment. Stories told, a sing along or three and a soft gentle afternoon of music and friendship. Driving home, the thought we all have at one time or another…why don’t I do this more often?


Are personal ads making a comeback? Are Tinder and E-Harmony a thing of the past for meeting your one true love? In London the daily, free METRO newspaper found at all train stations, has a column called Rush-Hour Crush for commuter cupids to leave their messages…..

To the daydreaming blonde on the train to Glasgow Central. I’m sure I saw you before in a red scarf. Today it was green. Fancy showing me your collection? Man in Grey with a Blue shirt.

Now this really leaves the field wide open…man in grey with blue shirt? How about 2 eyes and a nose? It’s also a variation on show me your etchings.

To the guy with short blonde hair wearing a camel jacket on the train to Redhill around 8.45am yesterday. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. I’d love to meet for a drink or two. Girl with red lipstick and long brown hair.

Unfortunately there was no ad. for ” I saw you across a crowded 5.15 pm from Bond Street. Older lady with  greying hair anxiously searching  in your handbag for glasses that were hanging around your neck. I helped you with your walking frame at Queensway.’ Slightly stooped Silver fox with hearing aids and beige cardigan.


Speaking of love affairs, I’m still besotted with my all too brief holiday in Scotland. It’s tragic! I wear my plaid scarf, read Outlander novels and my Scottish music playlist gets a daily work-out. I discovered Dougie Maclean, who sound a bit like a Scottish James Taylor and has an OBE for his contribution to the music industry over many decades. This You Tube clip says it all. .. Have a great month and we’ll Snippet again soon…….



4 July 2019 | Life-Style

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