November Notes From Nora

Hi Everyone!

Viva 70 seems to be settling into a monthly format in this new Covid normal. How are you doing? I hope you are all safe and well. Those are big words in 2020!

It’s 23 degrees today and I’m sitting here at my desk with minutes to spare before my friends arrive for a pre-Christmas seafood lunch. I’ve decided to start early and have friends around in small groups, outside where possible and gently celebrate the tip – toe to the end of this remarkable year. Its lovely to be reconnecting with friends and family after the drought of human contact this year. But we are all well even if a bit exhausted by the uncertainty Covid has bought.

How has your November been? What were the highlights and adventures in your life? How did you make sense of the world?

I have never been so glued to the TV and not just Netflix but the US election. It feels like this election had more significance than any other I have witnessed and I am thankful for the outcome.

On the home front I had a lovely cuppa and chat with a dear friend Di Percy. While I made sourdough and banana bread and now I’m on a diet again, Di spent the pandemic productively writing and publishing an extraordinary book! It’s called  Standing in the Fire and it’s about grief and recovery. The book is a travel companion and friend through processes of grief, loss and recovery. I’ll be reviewing it next month. It’s available through Amazon. She is a remarkable woman and a fine writer and thinker.

And then there’s my landscaping! A major preoccupation and completed yesterday by my trusty friend Robert,  who has worked with me over the past 12 years to turn all my creative garden fantasies into reality. A farm gate, removal of the old fence is underway, a new driveway and parking area and a retaining wall and iron edging to define the garden area are all his work.

There are also 2 magnificent large gate posts which have become the subject of jovial commentary about all the neighbours who are all creating gardens and building.  The gate posts have magnificent wood grain and are 200mm cedar posts. I am about to commit absolute heresy by painting them black! So the landscaping team, a gathering of neighbours, cups of tea in hand and smiles on their faces would gather around the posts and shake their heads at my wanton wilful plans to paint these totems of the forest!

Planting trees and layout of the gardens is next..happy times!

Love to you all. Until next month….Nora xx

20 November 2020 | Life-Style


  1. I too was glued to the US elections, obsessed actually, and also thankful for the result. Can’t wait to see the results of the landscaping and how it progresses!

    1. Yes I’ll be relieved when January arrives and removalists are seen leaving the The White House! Another trip to the plant nursery today…so much fun! Enjoy your paradise xx

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