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Do you have things in your home that you really treasure and would hate to be without? There are the family photos and memorabilia. The Jackson Pollock scribbles of your toddlers many years ago. Perhaps books, jewellery,  furniture or paintings and certainly family history documents. But I’m talking here about the strangely quirky or special objects that may have little monetary value but they are treasures to you.

Some years ago when I was letting my home on Airbnb I had the task of deciding what I would leave and what would be packed away. A strange exercise. In my case there was actually very little, apart from family memorabilia, photos and documents that I considered absolute treasure. I thought of my parents who had to flee their home countries during the war with a suitcase and little else.

What I found was I treasured most the things that have a story attached to them or a web of memories gathered around them. Other objects just made me laugh. Go on- grab a coffee or water and look around. Make a list – its curious how we make such decisions. Here’s my list

Item 1 is not a THING but she’s very special. Gracie the rescue kitten came to me a fragile, anxious little bundle who soon thrived and started to hang out with me as I moved around the house and garden. Still timid, she likes to keep me in sight but is curious about others.


Item 2 is what every person needs- a hare! I found him in a homewares store in a local town at Easter time some years ago. I was newly divorced and decorating my new home, creating memories and rituals for the next chapter of my life, The Haughty Hare had style and pazzaz and had fewer calories than a chocolate one!

Item 3: I do love paintings and prints. This one was collected on my travels to see my sister in Nova Scotia. At the time she owned a gallery and took me to meet some of the artists she exhibited. Great fun and I particularly liked this one.

Item 4: Is a large Portuguese ceramic platter that I collected on my travels. When not in use it’s displayed on a shelf in my kitchen. I love most decorative arts from Italy France, Spain and Portugal

Item 5: Is a painting by local artist, David Bromley that I bought simply because I love the nostalgia and simplicity of childhood. Boys playing with their boats and fishing in such a gentle familiar way. I’m sure it will find its way into my grand-daughter’s room when she’s a little older and we’ll construct stories about who the boys are and what adventures they get up too.

Treasures are funny things. In my Marie Kondo clean -up a- thon it felt good to clean out the past and vigorously declutter. In my new zen like existence  I can treasure my memories and feel their pull. But these favourite things will take much longer to disperse.

How did you go with your list making of favourite things? we’d love to know…..

Marie Kondo videos can be found on Youtube if you feel like a spring clean
Photography by Nora Vitins

22 January 2019 | Life-Style

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