Merry Christmas to All our Lovely Subscribers!

Hi Everyone!

Sincere thanks for subscribing to Viva 70 and supporting the work of our creative team. You have traveled with me, ridden the bumps and contributed articles, comments and emails to give Viva 70 a life! What a Big Year! We are not even one year old! Viva 70 launched on January 25th 2019. We have 19 creative contributors writing poetry, articles and being interviewed for the magazine. In ten and a half months we have published 188 articles… There are posts on the Viva 70 Instagram page twice daily and on the Viva 70 Facebook page every 2-3 days. These social media posts channel traffic to our magazine and we have had up to 1200 people hit the site each week. We also know we have subscribers in Canada, UK, USA, Hong Kong and all over Australia. I can track engagement with the magazine using  software such as Mailchimp and google analytics. More than anything your comments and feedback are what keeps me writing and searching for good content. Thank you.

For the next 2 weeks I’ll  be taking a well earned rest and celebrating Christmas. But the close of 2019 and the start of the New Year is an important time for taking stock of our lives and we’ll be back on 30th December. Until then have a wonderful holiday season, care for yourself and others and enjoy the good life we have…at any age……! Nora xx


12 December 2019 | Life-Style

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