Inspiration: How to access what inspires you…..

Inspiration...we all use the word, we search for inspiration, find it and then look for it again!

Here are some questions for you to think about over a cuppa or perhaps to journal ……………..

What is inspiration in your world? What does it look like? How does it show up?

What inspires you? Where do you go to renew your energy? Where do you find food for the soul?

What are the words that re-balance you, give you grounding and adjust your perspective?

Where do you find calm and space to breathe?

Where do you do your best thinking? Where do your new ideas come from?

What helps you be inspired? What stops you? How do you inspire others?

 What’s the most inspiring thing you have experienced recently? Why was it inspirational? Break it down understand it.

We talk about inspired acting and performances. Or paintings that are inspired by a creative force and move us, speak to us at an emotive level. We talk about that big, bold idea that comes to us at 3am as being inspired! We find some words and music inspirational because it transports us, even for a moment to a new place of possibility and hope. We may find aloneness inspirational or togetherness may have the same outcome. We may be inspired in certain places- the rush and fury of a wild surf at the ocean, the lolling path of a slow flowing river or the staggering beauty of the mountains. Conversations around the possible inspire. We all find different ways of letting inspiration do its work, usually as a result of opening our mind or hearts to possibility rather than limitations.

For Life is a book of collected quotes and images I’ve gathered over many years. It’s a source of inspiration for meditation and writing, art and life planning. You might like to gather some ideas in this format or a storyboard, scrapbook or short video. It’s a return to base for so many times when inspiration or grounding are needed.

Whether inspiration translates in your world as problem solving or gains expression in creative pursuits, taking the time to explore its meaning can be a gentle, rewarding task for a rainy afternoon.


25 June 2020 | Living Well


  1. I love this idea that you have inspirational quotes collected in one book.
    Mine are scattered across several note books, scraps of paper and different mediums . I’m thinking it will be a good winter project to gather them all in place.

    You’ve inspired me with your inspirational idea. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Julia! These Quotebooks make great presents too! I made one for David who has dementia. It has memory photos and simple questions like…How many different types of birds can you count in your garden today? There are photos of animals he loves, simple motivational quotes, names and photos of old friends and family, silly jokes etc…he really likes it and looks at it often. have fun. I know your books would be exquisite…..

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