Happy New Covid Year!

The Christmas season is here and we’re getting out and about in this new Covid normal world. We may delude ourselves that with a vaccine being delivered and with the turn of a calendar to a new year, the world will return to normal..but alas…… We have all experienced this year differently so if you’re inviting people over for Christmas or New Year here are some things to think about…..

Just because you feel Covid cool and relaxed don’t assume everyone feels the same way. Some people may feel tentative about joining others for celebrations especially in small indoor spaces or with people they don’t know.

1, When you invite people explain how many will be there. Where the event will be held and don’t assume people will want to come. If you get no-shows don’t be offended. It’s not personal. It’s a pandemic

2. Plan for an outdoor event or with access to outdoors if possible

3. Keep groups smaller than usual. you may be allowed to have 50 but go small!

4. Keep hand sanitiser in the wash room

5, Refresh food  regularly and don’t use large self serve platters where many hands can paddle around!

6. Make it clear that people can drop in for a drink and they don’t have to stay for 4 hours- a friend of mine was wonderfully creative some years ago when she invited her friends- all around 70 or more years old….to put the clocks forward..arrive at 6pm and celebrate New Year at 9pm instead of midnight…we had a fabulous, funny evening and I was home by 10.30pm in time to watch the Sydney fireworks on TV in the comfort of my PJ’s! Get creative and have fun!

Happy New Year Everyone!


17 December 2020 | Life-Style

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