Easter 2020

If you had told me that in 2020 a virus invaded the world, thousands died, temporary hospitals were set up in Central Park, Trump would be president, police issued fines for people leaving their homes, Indian people walked 240 kms to get back to their villages to comply with a government order to go home, Italian fashion houses were making face masks, millions of people across the world are unemployed and an Australian liberal government would pass a $130 billion dollar support package to get people through this crisis……..I would have assumed you are paranoid, delusional or very drunk!

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But here we are. As the weeks tick by I’m finding home to be a safe, happy reassuring nest on most days, unless I take a walk to the empty ghost town which was our bustling main street or look at the news when I am pole vaulted back into the new reality. So what will we do this Easter? Many of us are alone in our homes, unable to be with family or friends, no camping or BBQ’s, no last lurch at sunny days before winter sets in here in Oz.  How do we make sense of this Easter, with all its limitations and gloom. I asked around and here’s what others are doing………..

  • An Easter creative project...it might be a new garden bed or a craft project. Something that can be a reminder of this time but has a forward looking freshness to it. Build something, write something, sew, knit, make a toy for the grandkids, create something for a friend…the time will come when we’re together again and  you will have something to give someone you care about
  • Share Easter Sunday Lunch….Virtually!…Easter Sunday lunch for yourself? Some friends are baking special cakes. Make your own hot cross buns Have a virtual lunch with friends and family using Zoom or Facetime or Skype. If that’s too hard put the phone on speaker Set a time to virtually meet and share a simple meal and conversation together….virtually.
  • Ditch the diet... a number of friends have said that they are using the lock down to get fit and healthy so when they emerge from this time they will they have dropped a dress size or two. Great idea… but maybe over Easter (3-4 days) give yourself license to enjoy good quality food, a nice glass of wine and a beautifully set table
  • Connect with Others………. a phone call to friends this Easter is very special. A gift of connection is much needed at this time
  • Virtual Concerts, church services and events…. do some research now…I know the ABC has classical concerts, St Michael’s Uniting Church has its usual church services every week at 10am Sunday..only via the internet..Track down the events that you can participate in
  • Go Outside…If the weather’s fine take time to be outside…..take a long walk, take photos, walk to a place you don’t usually go too, breathe…..
  • Check Out new media.…… I’m head over heels in love with Trevor Noah, the south African comedian, political commentator and TV host…check him out on Instagram and Youtube. Have you done a PE family session with Joe Wicks, the BBC PE teacher whose daily fitness sessions can be found on Youtube…? Look at feel good movies, ( Little Miss Sunshine) or old movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) lots of fun……..
  • Get out of the Track Pants! Remember make up and getting dressed to go out…? Well get dressed up to stay in! Just for fun!
  • Decorate your home for easter… Bring in some flowers, leaves or branches. Paint some eggs or colour them with food dyes. Find some fabric or scarves to make table cloths and get creative with table settings.Light candles, play music. Create a happy place.
  • However you spend your time this Easter, remember we are the lucky ones. Happy Easter everyone. This will be a story shared at dinner parties in the future….Easter 2020.. who could have believed it…..?
Words by Nora Vitins. Feature Image by Boris Manev

8 April 2020 | Life-Style

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