This film has the widest range of review notices and opinions I’ve read since working on Viva70 film reviews. Critics variously call the film heart wrenching, preposterous, sophisticated and hammy…..all quotes! Aftermath stars Keira Knightly as the wife of Lewis, a British Colonel (Jason Clarke) who is sent to help…

23 April 2019 | Arts

Anh’s Brush With Fame

Cool weather television is here again in Melbourne and it’s such a relief after unsuccessfully foraging for interesting content on other platforms for many months. Anh Do is one of those people you’d like to have as a friend. His smile is infectious and one of his talents is to…

18 April 2019 | Arts

Reality TV – Why?

There are lots of WHY’s to do with reality TV. WHY does it exist? WHY do millions of people worldwide tune in to watch normal people in artificially constructed situations? WHY do I know logically that its terrible TV but I end up compelled to watch it? WHY is it…

2 April 2019 | Arts

Queer Eye Meets the Huntress

Picture this- five very telegenic gay men – think Manhattan warehouse, designer clothes and grooming products, travel to Kansas to help a camouflage besotted huntress find her inner woman. This could be a recipe for disaster. It turns out to be a very mushy but endearing show of human renovation….

1 April 2019 | Arts

Rolling Stones Rock Cuba

An alternative title might be “English Gentlemen of a Certain Age Tour Cuba.” But The Rolling Stones: Ole Ole Ole A Trip across Latin America is nevertheless an interesting documentary showing on Netflix. In 2016 the Rolling Stones began a 10- date concert tour of South America including for the…

27 March 2019 | Arts

POSTERED……………….A 1970’s Poster Exhibition!

What were you doing in 1970’s? I know there’s the joke about if you can remember the 60’s (or was that the 1970’s?) you weren’t there! I took a trip (unintentional pun) today and found myself in a small university art gallery in the regional city of Bendigo where I…

19 March 2019 | Arts

Top 10 Films on Netflix March 2019

Here in Australia we’ve roasted with heat wave conditions for months now, but this weekend something happened. The air took on a different feel, the weather cooled, the colour of leaves started to turn and it was time to take the furry rug out of the cupboard. I look forward…

11 March 2019 | Arts


Spike Lee won Best Director at last week’s Oscars for Blackkklansman.  Deservedly so, for if films are made to bring about an emotional response from the audience, this one achieved its goal. This is a tough film to watch because it a tough subject. The Ku Klux Klan and racism…

4 March 2019 | Arts

Highlights of The Oscars 2019

What a night it was! After all the mix ups of previous years and the “withdrawal of offer” on this year’s host   (more social media scandal) the Academy is to be congratulated on a well –crafted, professional Oscars ceremony. This ceremony will always have heart, tears and political messages. What…

25 February 2019 | Arts