Dorothea Tanning

” Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity. I don’t see a different purpose for it now.” Dorothea Tanning The Tate Modern is currently showing an exhibition  of the work of Dorothea Tanning, a painter, sculptor, print maker, writer and poet. (1910-2012) I…

14 May 2019 | Arts

Gloria and Gloria Bell- Same Story, Different Films

Chilean writer and director Sebastian Lello has made 2 films with the same story and nearly the same title. In 2013 he made the film Gloria starring Paulina Garcia and set in Santiago. In 2019 he released the same story, mostly with the same shots only this time set in…

5 May 2019 | Arts

Inspiration – Andy Grammer and the Kids Chorus

Social media gets a bad rap at times and yet we  can spend hours each  day connecting with people across the world. We can share ideas and images that move and link us at a human level. We share messages of inspiration that lift the human spirit and create a…

5 May 2019 | Arts

Discoveries: Michael Parker Gallery

Look around your home. What do you have on the walls or displayed on tables and shelving?  Do you buy art- whether painting, sculpture, ceramics, beautifully designed pieces? Do you make thoughtful decisions about what you’ll buy? Perhaps revisit the gallery a number of times? Or do you see and…

24 April 2019 | Arts


This film has the widest range of review notices and opinions I’ve read since working on Viva70 film reviews. Critics variously call the film heart wrenching, preposterous, sophisticated and hammy…..all quotes! Aftermath stars Keira Knightly as the wife of Lewis, a British Colonel (Jason Clarke) who is sent to help…

23 April 2019 | Arts

Anh’s Brush With Fame

Cool weather television is here again in Melbourne and it’s such a relief after unsuccessfully foraging for interesting content on other platforms for many months. Anh Do is one of those people you’d like to have as a friend. His smile is infectious and one of his talents is to…

18 April 2019 | Arts

Reality TV – Why?

There are lots of WHY’s to do with reality TV. WHY does it exist? WHY do millions of people worldwide tune in to watch normal people in artificially constructed situations? WHY do I know logically that its terrible TV but I end up compelled to watch it? WHY is it…

2 April 2019 | Arts

Queer Eye Meets the Huntress

Picture this- five very telegenic gay men – think Manhattan warehouse, designer clothes and grooming products, travel to Kansas to help a camouflage besotted huntress find her inner woman. This could be a recipe for disaster. It turns out to be a very mushy but endearing show of human renovation….

1 April 2019 | Arts

Rolling Stones Rock Cuba

An alternative title might be “English Gentlemen of a Certain Age Tour Cuba.” But The Rolling Stones: Ole Ole Ole A Trip across Latin America is nevertheless an interesting documentary showing on Netflix. In 2016 the Rolling Stones began a 10- date concert tour of South America including for the…

27 March 2019 | Arts